An Aussie Dictionary to Common Aussie terms

An Aussie Dictionary to Common Aussie terms

Australian English is full of slang. Many of the slang terms are words that are derived from the languages of the Aboriginal tribes. When you visit Australia you are bound to encounter some of this slang and other words. Here is a short guide or ‘dictionary’ of sorts to help you along your stay.

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ace: Excellent

anklebiter: a small child

apples: means everything is under control ‘it’s apples’.

arvo:  Afternoon

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barbie:  Barbecue

barney: argument or dispute

bell:  To call someone on the telephone

billabing: a water hole in a dry river bed

bickie: a cookie

bloke: A male

brolly: An umbrella

bushed: Tired


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cactus: Broken, useless

chewy: Chewing gum

cobber:  A close friend

come a cropper:  To fall heavily, have an accident

crikey: An expression of surprise


dag:  A nerd

deadset: Absolute, genuine

dingo:  A native dog

drongo: A moron or fool


enzed: New Zealand

esky:  Brand name but used now for a genric cooler to carry food & drink to parties


fang: Drive around at high speed

flat out:  Very busy

footy:  Rugby Leaugue, Rugby Union or Australian Rules football

frog & toad: A rhyming slang for road


garbo:  Garbage man

goodo:  Good one

grouse:  Very good

grog:  General name for alcohol


heaps, to give: Giving someone a hard time

hooray:  Goodbye or so long


iceberger:  someone who swims in unheated water during winter


joey: A baby kangaroo or wallaby

jumper:  A sweater

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kanga: Kangaroo, or to have some cash

knock, to:  To criticize or find fault

kick in:  To help out with money


lash out, to : Spend money freely

legless: Someone who is so intoxicated they can’t walk

lolly:  Candy or boiled sweet

loo: toilet or bathroom


marge: Margarine

mate: Friend or buddy

missus: Wife

mozzie: Mosquito

mug:  A fool


nana: Mentally deranged or to lose your temper

neck oil:  Common term for beer

nick, to:  Steal

nong:  A silly person or fool


old man:  A full grown kangaroo

onya:  Congratulations

Oz:  Australia


paralytic:  very intoxicated

petrol: Gasoline

pokies: Slot machines, poker or can mean one-armed bandits

pollie:  Politician


rager:  Someone who likes to party

ratbag:  A troublemaker

ratty:  Mad or deranged

ripper:  Someone or something really good


sanger:  Sandwich

scorcher:  A very hot day

sheila:  A young girl or woman

smoko: A break from work

strides:  Men’s trousers


ta: Thank you

Tassie:  Tasmania

Tinnie:  A can of beer

Toot:  Toilet


uni:  University

ute:  Utility truck or pickup truck


walkabout:  To wander the countryside.

westie:  Someone who is a resident of Sydney’s western suburbs

wowser:  Someone who is a bit of prude


yakka:  Hard-work

yarn:  To tell a tall tale, or to talk or chat


zonked:  tired or exhausted




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