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1 Day SALE! $1 Deposit On Select Holland America Sailings

1 Day Sale! On Friday, April 26, Holland America Line will be offering a $1 deposit on select sailings in celebration of our Dutch heritage and King’s Day in the Netherlands.

Incredible Things You Can Only Do in Tasmania

Tasmania is Australia’s smallest state that is full of art, a foodie scene and amazing scenery. Here are some incredible things you can only do in Tasmania.

10 Reasons You Must Visit New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most spectacular places on Earth. It might seem like a long ways away, but if you visit New Zealand it will be one of the most memorable vacations of your life.

How to Spend a Week in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the world’s most livable cities. With a combination of world-class dining, fashion, shopping, art galleries and sports you won’t be disappointed when you visit. Here are some tips for exploring the city and everything in between.

Top 8 Mistakes Tourists Make in New Zealand

Planning to visit New Zealand? It is a beautiful country and fairly easy to get around. You can make your trip the best by avoiding these common mistakes tourists make when they visit New Zealand.

Australia’s Seasons

Australia is a vast continent so before you explore you should check what time of year it is where you are going.  Australia’s seasons are reversed of the seasons In the Northern hemisphere; the seasons and climates are so very different depending on where you travel to.

Useful Facts & Tips for Australia Travel

Planning a trip to Australia? Read on for this useful tips before you travel to Australia.

Similarities & Differences between Australia & New Zealand

People often ask what is the same or what is different between the two countries. There are many similarities as well as differences between Australia & New Zealand. Read on to learn more…

Biggest Travel Mistake When Booking Travel to Australia

Every day we receive calls from passengers who have purchased a portion of their vacation (airfare or cruise) before discussing the entire trip with an agent; and they are amazed by how much money they could have saved!
PLEASE call us before you book!

10 of the Best Things to Do in Auckland

New Zealand is full of adventure and Auckland is one of the best cities to experience it.  Full of museums, landscapes and iconic attractions, there is something for everyone.

15 Interesting Facts About New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful, must-visit country. This quirky little country is full of wonder, beauty, adventure and more. Here are 15 interesting facts about New Zealand…

What Happens When Your Plans Change Due to a Weather Event While Traveling in Australia or New Zealand?

Nothing can disrupt your dream vacation like unforeseen weather events that can cause your plans to change. There have been instance when travelers on vacation in Australia or New Zealand have experienced a storm, landslide or other weather event that impacts their plans.  What happens when travel plans are cancelled and/or have to be changed?

An Aussie Dictionary to Common Aussie terms

Australian English is full of slang. Many of the slang terms are words that are derived from the languages of the Aboriginal tribes. When you visit Australia you are bound to encounter some of this slang and other words. Here is a short guide or ‘dictionary’ of sorts to help you along your stay.

8  Amazing things to Do in Cairns

What to do in Cains? Or more like ‘What isn’t there to do in Cairns?’. There is more than just the Great Barrier Reef to experience here. Read on for 8 amazing things to do in Cairns…

How to Spend 48 hours in Sydney

Sydney is a city that deserves time to explore. Sometimes, travelers are visiting multiple cities in one trip, so if you only have 48 hours in Sydney, what should you do?

Luxury Packages to Europe from $2,999

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Round-trip business-class airfare, airline taxes & fees included, 3 nights at a 5-star centrally located hotel, Round-trip private chauffeur transfers

9 Things You Can Only Do in Auckland

Auckland is a vibrant city full of exciting adventure and sights. If you have ever wondered what to do in Auckland here is a list of 9 things you can only do in Auckland…

8 Myths About Australia Debunked

Some people think Australia is full of cuddly koala bears, people drinking Foster’s beer, convicts and full of dangerous animals. These are actually not true – here are 8 myths about Australia that have been debunked.