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Adventure Activities in Australia & New Zealand

Taking a trip to Australia or New Zealand is a must do on any bucket list. Whether you want to relax on the beach, scuba dive, surf, river raft, bungee jump more, there are so many adventurous activities you can do in either country.

Some of The Best Australian Rainforests to Visit

If you visit Australia, one thing not to miss out is visiting one of the lush, ancient rain forests. Here are some of the best places to visit to explore the rain forests of Australia.

10 Foods to Try in New Zealand

New Zealand thrives on it’s agriculture, using local foods from both the land and the sea. Food is influenced by Australian, European, American and Asian cuisine. If you are visiting New Zealand here are some foods you should try!

Luxury 7 Night Crystal Danube River Cruises from $3,599

Explore the Danube River in unparalleled luxury when you book a 7 night Danube River Cruise starting from just $3,599

Amazing Facts About the Great Barrier Reef & Why you Should Visit

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the  most amazing natural wonders of the world. It is the largest coral system in the world and is absolutely breathtaking. If you are visiting Australia, here are some amazing facts and reasons that you should visit the Great Barrier Reef.

All About The Ghan Train Tours

The Ghan Train Journey takes travelers from Adelaide to Alice Springs in 24 hours in comfort, and Adelaide to Darwin in just 52 hours. This is a world class train trip offering gourmet meals, comfortable accommodations and more…

10 Awesome Things to Do in Perth

Most visitors to Australia often go to the east coast and visit Sydney and Melbourne; but then you miss out on cities like Perth. Perth is a vibrant metropolitan city with an amazing culture scene, festivals & more There are so many awesome things to do in Perth, here are 10 awesome things to do…

2020 Australian Open Tennis Tournament

Experience the excitement of the 2020 Australian Open in Melbourne with these exciting vacation packages!

 Common New Zealand Slang, Sayings & Maori Terms

Kiwi Slang is very unique. New Zealanders have many sayings that have been passed down thru generations and might not make sense to those of us who are not from New Zealand. Here is a handy list of some New Zealand slangs and sayings along with their meanings.

5 Reasons to Visit Adelaide & South Australia

Most people know about Sydney when they visit Australia, but did you know why you should visit South Australia? For one, Adelaide is home to amazing wineries, Kangaroo Island and more. There is so much to do and see, here are some highlights and 5 reasons to visit Adelaide and South Australia.

 Best Things to Do & Places to Go in Melbourne

Melbourne is definitely a must see if you are visiting Australia. It has a European feel with some of the best food in the country, great shopping, best coffee and more!

New Zealand North or South Island; Which to Visit?

Are you planning to visit New Zealand but not sure what the differences are between the North or South Island? Do you only have enough time to visit one island? You should visit both islands if you have the time. Here is some helpful information to help you decide which to visit.

Complete Australian Packing List For Every Region & Climate

Are you traveling to Australia and not sure what to bring? In addition to the essential travel items, where you are going and what activities you plan on doing will determine what you need to bring. First tip is to bring the essential items you will need such a passport, phone charger, toiletries, and then decide which clothes to bring depending on what season and what part of the country you are visiting.

Thinking of Booking a River Cruise? Here are a few Questions to Answer in order to Find Your Best Option.

Thinking about booking a river cruise?  There are many questions that you should answer in order to find your best option. 

10 free Things to Do in Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s most popular city. Did you know that there are many cool and free things you can do here? Here are 10 free things you can do while in Sydney…

Do’s & Don’ts When Visiting Australia

Do’s & Don’ts When Visiting Australia Australia is a wonderful place to visit. It is safe, has a free health care system  and even free education. Here is a guide of some do’s and don’t when you visit Australia. Check out our most popular vacations that include both Australia & New Zealand! Australia & New… Read more »

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Why A Cruise in Australia & New Zealand Should Be On Your Bucket List

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