The World’s Friendliest Islands

The World’s Friendliest Islands

There is nothing like a serene getaway to an exotic island. There are so many islands to choose from; from Tahiti, Fiji, Bermuda, Hawaii and more. With amazing beaches, majestic views, resorts, airports and the charm of the people, we made a list of some the most charming islands with some of the most friendliest people.


Caye Caulker, Belize

belize beach

Come here and experience nature at some of the island’s wildlife sanctuaries and then chat with the locals. The local people are friendly and laid back. The motto of the island is ‘slow down’.



Exhumas, Bahamas

Ok, so maybe a lot of us haven’t heard of the Exumas, but  this little island chain in the Bahamas has some of the prettiest water in the world and still feels very “undiscovered.” A popular attraction is he swimming pigs, mile long sand bar, the nurse sharks on Compass Cay, and Thunderball Grotto. Everything runs on island time, so things move slow here but that is why the people are so very laid back and friendly.

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Bora Bora


Come here to scuba dive, or just enjoy a view from a bungalow overlooking the water. Many people report than the staff here exude friendliness, talent, and hospitality, from the tour guides and hotel staff on Bora-Bora.


Santorini, Greece


Santorini is home to Greece’s most luxurious boutique hotels. It overklooks a huge sea filled volcanic crater. You will find the some of the best famlily friendly hotels here, while barhoppers and gourmets will love its lively tavernas and outstanding restaurants. The people here are friendly and laid back, a perfect island getaway for couples and families.


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moorea resort goaway

This island, known for its volcanic mountains, is a 30-minute catamaran ride from Tahiti. You will find the locals to be very friendly, and some say even the wildlife here are friendly as well!



Great Barrier Reef Islands


Come experience some of the world’s best nature reserves at the Great Barrier Reef Islands. If snorkeling is your thing, you can’t miss the Great Barrier Reef. Take a cruise around the islands to see exotic wildlife and become enamored with the friendly nature of the people here as well.



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Bali, Indonesia

Southern Bali beaches tend to have white powdery sand, the kind North Americans love...

Bali is home to some of the most stunning temples, which makes it the perfect place to retreat for yoga and meditation. Set in exotic luxury, it’s no wonder the people have mastered laid-back hospitality.


Fiji Islands

Fijian Utopia Qamea-fiji

Fiji has been long-time favorite with honeymooners, Fiji is made up of 333 islands in the South Pacific. You will find in these islands which are known for their hospitality, some of the friendliest people in the entire world!

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