When is the Best Time to Visit New Zealand

When is the Best Time to Visit New Zealand

We often get asked when the best time to visit New Zealand. There really isn’t a bad time to visit New Zealand. Here are some tips to help you determine when the best time to visit.


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New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere so the seasons are reversed than the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. You can compare the size of New Zealand to being a little smaller than California. New Zealand is made up of the North and South Island. The climate between the 2 islands can differ.


Summer time in New Zealand is December, January, and February. This time of year is the most popular for tourism. One tip, during January many locals take a few weeks off during the holidays, so cities are less crowded and some cafes and restaurants might shut down, as many people head to the beaches.


Fall is thru March, April, and May. The Fall season in New Zealand is absolutely stunning. This is a good time to visit as the crowds in summer have left, the charge for many attractions are lower and of course, the weather is great.


Winter is June, July and August. This is the perfect time for winter sports and a great time to experience the nightlife in Wellington.



Spring is September, October and November. If you visit during Spring make sure to see Lake Tekapo which is on the South Island.

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In Auckland, the temperatures are in the 40’s in the winter and the 70’s in the summer. On the North Island, Hawkes Bay which is on the East Coast has year round sunshine. On the South Island, Queenstown has warm summers and cold winters.

Since New Zealand is fairly temperate, anytime you go is a good time. If you prefer cooler nights, visit in the Fall or Spring as it is still pretty warm during the day. You will also find that airfare is pretty reasonable compared to visiting in the Summer.

If you want to visit the beaches, the weather can be pretty cool and during the winter, it is too cold to swim in the Ocean unless you plan on bringing a wetsuit. New Zealand has a lot of wine regions too. Most of the locals prefer to do tastings during the summer, but you can visit any time of year as the vineyards offer yearlong tastings.

Deciding when to visit really depends on what you want to do. New Zealand is full of adventures, sights and experiences. Ask your travel team agent to help you plan your New Zealand vacation by calling 1-800-788-0829!

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