What’s It Like to Fly on Qantas Premium Economy to Australia?

What’s It Like to Fly on Qantas Premium Economy to Australia?
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Traveling to Australia from the U.S. might seem like a distant exotic dream.

Visions of gorgeous beaches or the majestic Outback can be disrupted by the thought of such a long flight.

Did you know that flying to Australia just got easier and way more comfortable then ever thanks to flying premium economy class.


You will get to enjoy perks like extra legroom, wider seats and even a private cabin that is dedicated with flight attendants between economy and business class.


These perks are just the start aboard the Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, when you fly premium economy service.

Dine on multi-course meals, premier Australian wines and service with a friendly Aussie smile.

When you fly on Qantas, you’ll experience the best of Australia before you even land when you fly premium economy.

What’s It Like to Premium Economy to Australia on Qantas?

You get to avoid headaches of checking in altogether when you book premium economy on Qantas.


Experience priority check-in for passengers flying premium economy at dedicated counters – this means less waiting in lines.

Make sure to check in at least two hours before your flight departure. You may also check-in online between 24 and 2 hours before your flight departs.


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The Seats are So Incredibly Comfortable

Say goodbye to the days of sleepless international flights. When you fly Qantas premium economy, you get to rest on wide seats with generous recline, incredible legroom, and adjustable footrests.


Indulge in 38 inches of pitch between each row, kick your feet up on the adjustable, fold-out footrest and recline back up to 9.5 inches, this flight experience allows you to truly kick back and relax.


Store your belongings in 5 individual storage areas – no more reaching to the overhead cabins!

With seats in regular economy reaching up to 17.2 inches in width, premium economy seats on the Dreamliner reach up to 22.8 inches in width. That’s like the to seats on first class U.S. domestic airlines!


This extra seat width makes catching some well-needed rest on your flight much easier. A sleep study conducted by Airbus and The London Sleep Center even found that just one additional inch of seat width allows passengers to sleep an average 53% longer during a long haul flight.


The Service is Impeccable

Enjoy an exclusive cabin when you fly premium economy on Qantas that features between 28 and 35 seats with dedicated cabin crew, you’ll receive personalized service on your flight to Australia.


Travelers often compare this level of service and exclusivity to business class in domestic flights. Whether you’re in need of a snack, a drink or a pillow, nothing is too much trouble for your attendants. These little touches make quite the difference on a long-haul flight.

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The Food is Divine

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You’ll receive a menu detailing all that is on offer. From multi-course meals, snacks, spirits and wine – everything is included in the price of your flight.

Enjoy a delicious multi-course meal served on glass dishes with a white table cloth napkin, the dining experience and quality of food is on par with that of business class. There are a variety of snacks available at a self-service bar including fresh fruit, ice cream or local chocolates, as well as hot food and delicious baked goods between meal times.

Choose a hot breakfast with dishes such as scrambled eggs with bacon, sausages, potatoes, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms, or even a continental breakfast of a refreshing seasonal fruit platter.


You’ll Taste Beverages from Around the World

Enjoy a  generous drink menu offering a selection of Australian wines and spirits from different parts of the world.

Sip a  glass of Australian sparkling wine, Scottish whisky or Puerto Rican rum,  taste dilmah tea from Sri Lanka or Vittoria Chocochino Italian-style hot chocolate, as well as a selection of juices, soft drinks and mineral water.


You’re Taken Care Of, Day or Night

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The Dreamliner is designed to maximize passenger comfort with larger windows, better air quality to reduce jetlag and other innovations exclusive to Qantas.

Connect or charge your devices with USB ports in your seat and power plugs between armrests, or enjoy a little downtime, and enjoy over 1500 on-demand entertainment options.

You have never experienced such comforts on a flight – you can do it all on the Dreamliner!

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Ready to Plan Your Trip to Australia?

Flying on Qantas’ premium economy service is a perfect way to begin your amazing journey to Australia. With more than 40 direct flights to Australia each week and as Australia’s largest domestic network, Qantas makes traveling to and around Australia a breeze.

Contact a Travel Team Agent today at 1-800-788-0829 to start planning!

A Travel Team agent can easily add an Aussie airpass to your Premium economy trans Pacific flights so you can visit more of Australia.  Call 1-800-788-0829 for details.