What To Do if You Lose Your Passport

What To Do if You Lose Your Passport

The first things we put on our packing list for any international journey is our Passport.  Before even starting your journey, make copies of your passport as well as any other important documents. Make sure you give a copy to a family member or friend, and keep an electronic copy, like on a thumbdrive, and email it to yourself, so you can access it while traveling.


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Step 1


If you lose your passport while you are still in the United States, don’t panic. Report it to the Department of State by phone or mail. All you need to do is fill out two forms — an application and a lost/stolen passport statement — your travel team agent can help you with this or give your more details too.


Step 2


If your passport is lost or stolen while you’re overseas, find the country’s U.S. Embassy (check I case you need to schedule an appointment). Fill out the application form, provide proof of identity so you may be issued a temporary emergency passport. Other documents may be required, such as a police report for a stolen passport; check the embassy website online. Keep in mind that emergency passports have limited validity, and that not every country will accept them.


Step 3


No matter where you lost your passport, you will want to educate yourself by googling the Department of State’s recommendations to minimize your risk of identity theft.  No matter what, don’t panic – better yet, call a travel team agent at 1-800-788-0829 for more information, we will help you start to finish with no extra hassle for you.


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