Travel Trends for 2018


Travel Trends for 2018

Just like in every industry, the travel industry is in a constant state of evolution. People will always seek to travel in new, exciting ways. The travel industry relies on travel professionals like travel team agents to give clients even more creative trips! Here are some 20 big travel trends that have already started to emerge, and some just around the corner…


1   Sustainable Tourism

arenal costa rica

Sustainable Tourism connects travelers with locals who have shared interests and are passionate about their home city.  With the world getting more crowded by the day, vacationing in a sustainable manner is becoming more important.


2    Train Trips


The nostalgia of rail lines is giving way to an emerging industry of train-based tourism. You might be surprised by how cool these trips can be!


3     Extreme Vacations


Travelers are becoming thrill seekers, and the tourism industry is catching up on this most exciting of travel trends, offering all manner of extreme vacation experiences. Some examples of extreme vacations: Gorilla safari: Africa is still the best place to spot these gentle herbivores, only 700 mountain gorillas remain in the world, you can see them in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Heli-skiing: get off the trails and take to the skies by boarding a chopper and going heli-skiing, a sport that makes the trek up the mountain as exciting as the run down. Shark diving: pack your gear and go deep-sea diving with the sharks off the coast of Cape Point, South Africa.


4    Big Showers

More and more hotels around the world are installing big, high tech showers.


5   Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Of the emerging travel industry trends, one of the most prominent is people thinking of travel as a means of opening their eyes, which is why they’re traveling to more exotic places wherein they can immerse themselves in an unfamiliar culture.


6  National Parks

grand-teton-national-park 8 day classic national parks yellow gate 1

The cost of travel, among most things in life is on the rise, which is why more and more people are looking to take a national park vacation a little closer to home.



7    The Multi-Generational Vacation

Parents need a break, that is why the grandparent-grandchildren vacation is becoming more common among emerging travel trends.


8  Glamping

Glamping offers the experiences of the great outdoors, yet with the comforts of home. Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world—without having to sacrifice creature comforts.


9  Watching the Kids


Traveling internationally with the little ones? Look out for more airlines to introduce “sky nannies” in 2018 an beyond. Many all-inclusive resorts also offer kid’s clubs.


10    Art Retreats

Art is a great way to clear the mind and to invigorate the spirit, a reason why art retreats are becoming more popular with a wider group of travelers.



11 Big-Budget Cruise Amenities

m s paul gauguin cruise ship

Larger cruise ships are getting outfitted with amenities such as comedy and entertainment shows, shore excursions, day spas, fancy gyms, day cares and more.

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12  River Cruises

Big Savings scenic river cruises rhine river

2018 is going to be one of the biggest for river cruise, particularly in Europe.


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13   AirBNB

Although some locations are clamping down on services like AirBNB, this service has definitely emerged as a great way to save money on vacation. Your accommodations are cheaper, and you can often cook for yourself.


14   South Korea


With the Winter Olympics only a few months away now, South Korea has been emerging as one of the world’s more popular tourist destinations.


15   Cuba


Likewise, the lessening of tension between the United States and Cuba means that tourism in the island nation is decidedly on the rise.


16   Medical Tourism

Doctor image

These days, some are choosing to get their surgeries in exotic locations with first-rate medical care. Why not recover in style? Couldn’t hurt…


17     The Extended Vacation

The digital workplace means that more people are now able to go on extended working vacations to some of the world’s most exotic locations. Why not try a long-stay vacation?

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18    Culinary Tours

International Chefs

With more people thinking about the quality of what they eat, tours and vacations geared around culinary experiences are becoming a big thing. At the time of publishing this article we are offering a Thailand for foodies tour, call a Travel Team Agent at 1-800-788-0829 for details (subject to tour pricing and availability, tour is subject to change at any time).


19    Voluntarism


Many find themselves wanting to give back to the world, which is why many are volunteering and vacationing at the same time.


20  The Wellness Vacation

Silhouette of woman jumping high in the air at beach.

On the flip side, there are more and more resorts opening up that promise their guests a wellness vacation, complete with spa treatments, yoga, exercise and more.


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