Top 8 Mistakes Tourists Make in New Zealand

Top 8 Mistakes Tourists Make in New Zealand

Planning to visit New Zealand? It is a beautiful country and fairly easy to get around. You can make your trip the best by avoiding these common mistakes tourists make when they visit New Zealand.


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Planning Too Much

It is always good to plan ahead, especially for accommodations in the major cities. The thing about New Zealand is it is great for going with the flow. There are few times when hotels and attractions are completely sold out, so you can often find good availability for sites. Keep in mind that January and school holidays will be busier, but you can usually find openings for many attractions in New Zealand.


Trying to See Everything

New Zealand may seem small on a map but the variety and things to do are huge! Unlike Australia, you don’t need to cover vast distances between sights. Make sure to give yourself time to see each destination. A good rule of thumb is if you want to see both the North and South Islands, allow for 2 weeks on each island. You can see a lot of things in less time, but this way you give yourself plenty of time to enjoy your trip.


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Get your Belongings Stolen

New Zealand is a very safe country to visit. There is always a risk of theft anywhere you go, and most theft occurs in parked vehicle break ins. If you do park, hide your belongings and keep important travel documents and cash on you.


Don’t forget to Wave

People in New Zealand are very friendly. When traveling, wave to a passerby and you will almost always be greeted with a wave and smile. If you need directions, ask, most people will gladly help.


Staying on the Beaten Track

There are several places that are well known tourist spots. Many of your best experiences will be if you get off the track to the places many tourists do not usually go. Explore New Zealand and see parts that you don’t see in the guidebooks.


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Driving Over the Speed Limit

Make sure to know the speed limits and driving laws in New Zealand. Genreally the speed limit is 50km per hour in urban areas and 100 km hr on open roads. Speed limits are strictly enforced by speed cameras and police. Don’t ruin your holiday by getting a ticket.


Buying Wine in a Restaurant

You can Bring Your Own Wine into a restaurant and pay a corkage fee! This way you can take a wine of your choice instead of only tasting what a particular restaurant may serve.


Travel During High Season

The High season in New Zealand is during the summer from December to February. Weather is the warmest and many kiwis are on holiday so prices can be higher during this time. Travel out of high season and enjoy fewer crowds and save a few dollars.


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