Tips to Get You Thru Airport Security Faster

Remove large electronics from your carry-on bag at the checkpoint for separate X-ray screening.

If you pack liquids in your carry-on, you must keep them in 3.4 ounce or less sized containers that will fit in 1 sealed clear quart-sized zip-top bag – 1 bag per person.  Make sure to take this out of your bad before screening.

Pack all coats and jackets in checked baggage when possible. All coats and jackets must go through the X-ray machine.


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Makeup: Any liquid makeup cosmetics such as eyeliner, nail polish, liquid foundation, perfume, etc. should be placed in a zip-top bag. Powder makeup is fine.

Beverages: Wine, liquor, beer, and all of your other favorite beverages are permitted in your checked baggage. You can also bring beverages packaged in 3.4 oz or less bottles in your carry-on bags in the zip-top bag.

Sporting Goods:Golf clubs, baseball bats (including the mini slugger bats), cricket bats, bows and arrows, hockey sticks, scuba knives, spear guns, etc. are all prohibited from being carried onto the plane. However, you can place them in your checked baggage.

Don’t wrap gifts until you reach your final destination.

Have your Boarding Pass, Identification & Passport ready for the security officer.

Arrive on time. Remember to leave enough time to check your bags and go through security.

Wear slip-on shoes. This way you can remove and replace your shoes quickly without sitting down.

Pets. Remove your pet from its carrying case. Send the case through the X-ray machine. Hold your pet in your arms and carry it through the metal detector.

Children.Please take infants and children out of baby carriers and strollers and take them through the metal detector. Strollers and baby carriers go through the X-ray machine with your carry-on bags.

Lose Something? Tape your business card or contact info to your valuable electronics. Contact Airport Security if you lose something.


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