Things to Know Before You Go to Fiji

Things to Know Before You Go to Fiji

Fiji is one of the most Welcoming places on Earth. The locals are very friendly, the beaches are stunning and it is pretty easy to travel and get around in Fiji. Here are a few things your should know before you go to Fiji…

1  Arriving at the Airport

Local performance

Bring your passport and identification. When you arrive at the airport in Fiji, be prepared for a grand welcome! You will most likely be serenaded by friendly locals in floral shirts, strumming guitars or ukuleles as you enter the immigration line.

2   Nothing is Rushed in Fiji

You will get used to being on ‘Fiji Time’. This can be a very different experience for Westerners. If you are used to being in a rush, you won’t be rushing in Fiji. Plans to go on a tour at 10 am? It might be closer to 11. Before you get frustrated, try something new and embrace something new. Life is short, take time to slow down, enjoy the little things in life, and as they say in Fiji “No hurry, no worries”.

3   Learn to say ‘Bula’

One of the words you will hear the most while in Fiji is ‘Bula’. This is a greeting that is similar to hello, it means “life” and Fijians love life. It also can mean hi, welcome, goodbye, love and more. You will even get a Bula when you sneeze! Learn to say it with a lot of emphasis because it is a heartfelt term in any way it is used.

4   Tipping

Fiji is a county that doesn’t says tipping is not necessary. But bring some extra cash and go ahead and tip if you receive extraordinary service! Fiji is a country that gives back, some resorts have the option of giving the money to local charities.

5   Money

Fiji has their own dollar (FJD). The exchange rate always is changing but the average value of a US dollar is double!

6   Try the Kava

When visiting Fiji, you must try the Kava. It is the unofficial drink of Fiji and kava is traditionally accompanied by a ceremonial atmosphere. It is a great way to be welcomed into the Fijian culture. In Fiji and many tours include the kava ceremony as part of their itinerary

7   Buy Local

Buy from local vendors and stores. Most stores sell handmade goods and resorts invite the local vendors to sell their goods. Head to the local villages to visit their markets and shops to get a taste of the Fijian culture. You will find more unique gifts when buying local and it supports the community.

8   Watch out for the Animals

There are stray dogs all throughout Fiji so watch our as they run across the roads all the time. These guys usually are strays, so they can have fleas and other things.  You might see cows and horses wandering around.

9    Getting around & Driving in Fiji

Drive on the left hand side of Fiji. The speed limit is 80KMH (49 MPH) and the spend limit is enforced. Getting around Fiji is pretty inexpensive, taxis and buses are cheap and you will be able to save money to use to take a boat ride or buy some local goods.  Taxis are easy to flag down and the drivers are friendly.

10  Always Be Safe

Fiji is a very safe place to visit but you should always use caution when traveling anywhere. Use common sense for instance, avoid walking alone outside at night, it is better to take a taxi during the night time instead of walking.



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