The Dos and Don’ts of Destination Wedding Planning

The Dos and Don’ts of Destination Wedding Planning


There are couples who want to have their wedding someplace exotic filled with deep impressions and memories, perhaps a location where they met or a city that both of them love so much. Imagining how beautiful it would be to exchange the sacred vow, surrounded by panoramic view and vacation vibe,

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  1. Check the weather
    This is one of the most crucial issues to consider. In comparison to other months, January is the most popular month to have a destination wedding. However, you still need to do some research because not every country has the same climate. For example, United States and Australia has opposite season calendars.
  1. Give your guests a heads-up
    Attending a destination wedding will require your guests to check their schedules as not everybody will be available on that specific date. Thus, it’s better to inform your guests earlier so they can make scheduled arrangements. This is also important if you’re having guests with children.
  1. Plan your family accommodation
    You should arrange this especially for your close relatives. If you are on a tight budget, you can give advanced information to negotiate whether to pay only for their airfare or their accommodation. Most people will understand as you’ve spent so much for your wedding needs.
  1. Do some research about their culture
    As you are hosting your wedding in a different country that has its own value, traditions and cultures, you have to be able to compromise on some matters that they cannot change for you. Things those are urgent for you might to be the same to them. But, just keep the communication intact to ensure the preparation goes well.



  1. Feel bad for not inviting everyone
    This is your wedding; you’re the one who have the right to decide who to invite.
  1. Bring too many things from your hometown
    Get your wedding needs at your dream destination. You might be surprised how great the local options are.
  1. Forget the timing
    There is such a thing as vacation season and usually hotels charge a peak season price.
  1. Take it easy
    Planning ahead is always a better option in preparing a wedding. Arranging a destination wedding requires more effort and time, that is why booking with a Travel Team Agent can save you a lot of stress.


Amazing Spots to Throw a Destination Wedding

Aside from things to prepare, knowing where to go is the foremost important thing you need to decide first. Most famous places are the ones with breathtaking beach views or mountainside area. The trending rustic weddings also help places with woodland features to soar into the peak of destination wedding location list. To make it easier for you to pick one location to celebrate in, Contact Tracy at 1-800-788-0829 ext. 225 for recommendations.

How to Trim the Expenses of Destination Wedding


  1.  Hire local vendors
    This is the most efficient option when having a destination wedding. Instead of paying up all the airfare and accommodations fees for the vendors from your hometown, you can actually find the best local vendors in your wedding location.
  2. Double check your guests list
    When having a destination wedding, build your guest list carefully. Make sure you invite the people who are genuinely willing to put out an effort to travel and celebrate with you.
  3. Know the local calendar
    Different countries have different holidays as with certain cities with their public holidays. To save yourself from a high wedding expense, find out your destination peak seasons in order to avoid higher charges, especially for the venue.
  4. Be thorough with the decoration
    Destination wedding is identical with stunning views or majestic architectural buildings you can’t find anywhere else to create a lasting impression for your guests. Remember that, sometimes less is more.
  5. Choose the right venue
    Remote islands might be an appealing destination as it’s far from the buzzing city crowd. But when you choose to host your wedding in an unfamiliar venue, you need to spend extra because there probably aren’t many wedding vendors available in the area.


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