The Cheapest Days to Travel in Summer

The Cheapest Days to Travel in Summer


If you are like many people, you are probably planning a vacation during the summer holiday in the months of June, July or August of 2017; did you know that generally speaking, there are certain days and dates to fly that may save you on airline tickets? Of course the number one tip to save money is one that works year round, always compare airfares and even better, ask a Travel Team Agent to look for the cheapest flights by calling 1-800-788-0829.

Travel Team Agents have been planning dream vacations and flights for over 38 years, so we have access to the best deals, and best of all, it doesn’t cost you extra.


Cheapest Days to Fly in Summer


For U.S. domestic travel

After June 15 – Fares rise: Prices tend to rise after June 15th and you might see the most expensive vacation fares appear. If you fly before June 14th you may be able to save a bit more.

After Aug. 30 – Fares drop: Aug. 30 is the start of the less expensive fall airfare season. If you are able to delay your trip until later in August, tickets will usually be cheaper.



For Europe/transatlantic travel


Peak-season travel begins about May 12, so be prepared for slightly higher airfares for Europe until roughly August 21.

Aug. 21 – Fares drop: After August 21, the fall season pricing begins and fares go down.



For Asia travel

June 9 – Fares rise again; if you can, begin your trip by June 8.

July 20 – Fares typically rise around this mid-summer time frame.

Aug. 7 – Summer prices tend to drop a portion after this date.

Aug. 20 – Fares drop: After August 20, you will typically see a more significant price-drop.



Tips for Finding The Cheapest Deals for Summer


You can generally save any time of year by traveling on the cheapest dates. Keep in mind, these are based off of trends, so this is general information that may vary to some degree, when in doubt, always

ask a Travel Team Agent to look for the cheapest flights by calling 1-800-788-0829.


In the U.S.: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday.

In Europe and other international cities, traveling during midweek days will typically save you on airfare.

Always compare airfares; no one airline always has the best ticket prices. Better yet, have a Travel Team Agent compare airfare for you so you get the best deal, call 1-800-788-0829 for more information.


Connecting flights might save you as well as longer flights can cost less if you include a stop, rather than non-stop. When in doubt, always ask a Travel Team Agent at 1-800-788-0829 for the best travel advice.


What to Do for Summer Travel Now

Shop for airfare now: Even if you’re only traveling locally, you can shop for June tickets now. Not sure where to go? Ask a Travel Team Agent for advice or to plan your dream vacation at 1-800-788-0829.


Ask your Travel Team Agent at 1-800-788-0829 for the best advice in planning your next vacation


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