Summer Travel Tips

Summer Travel Tips


Summer is almost here — we can’t believe it either! Now is the perfect time to start planning your summer dream vacation. Don’t delay, and to make planning even easier, we have listed some handy planning tips you can use while planning your vacation. Read these Summer Travel Tips and contact a Travel Team Agent to start planning the perfect vacation!

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Start Your Paperwork Now

First things first. Even if you don’t have a specific trip in mind, get your passport. Processing times for passports and travel documents can take a month or more, and that great new travel deal can be here and gone in as quick as 24 hours! Some travel deals are too good to pass up and you have to act fast, be prepared and have all of your travel documents ready to go.


Pick a Price Range

Know your price range. If you set aside a budget and save money for a trip, you are more likely to take that dream vacation if you plan ahead of time. By choosing and sticking to a price range you could also set a clear idea of what you want to do on your trip. Once that goal is set, you’ll feel more comfortable in locating and purchasing your vacation.


Pick the Vacation that Suits Your Personality

Would you rather lie on the beach all day or see as many sights as you can? It’s best to identify the type of vacation you and your travel companions want up front. There are many vacations to consider, pick the place best suited for you. For instance, do you want a beach vacation, city vacation, or an outdoor vacation? These are all things to consider when planning your vacation. If you want to lounge on the beach and do as little as possible, you probably won’t want to go on a vacation that has a lot of active tours; or if you want to explore the sights of a city, you probably want to choose a vacation with tours, guides and experiences to get the most from your trip. If you aren’t sure, just ask a Travel Team Agent, we can help you choose the vacation that is right for you!



Go on an All-Inclusive Vacation

Bundled pricing makes your vacation planning easy. When you choose an All-Inclusive vacation, you will get some of the best prices, and these vacations are perfect for a variety of people, from honeymooners, wedding goers, families, and those wanting a beach vacation. Everyone can eat, stay and play at an all-inclusive resort with one set price. Most resorts offer a ‘kids camp’ so that the parents can enjoy some downtime with a fruity drink and a book by the pool.

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Understand Travel Trends

It is important to understand how thee seasons might affect your vacation and what goes on seasonally in a particular destination. For instance, masses of people attend Carnival in Brazil in February, maybe you want to avoid that for a more calm trip. Are you planning on visiting Pamplona, Spain? Great, did you want to be there for the Running of the Bulls in July? If running with the bulls is not your goal, maybe choose a different time of year to go. Thinking of Cancun?  College kids flood Cancun for Spring Break. These events drive prices up. On the flip side, consider where has summer holidays because the locals are on holiday so it will be cheaper to you than busier times of year.  Paris and other European cities are quiet during August because locals are on summer holiday, this might be the perfect time for you as you will have more access to things, and also receive lower rates.


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