Spring Break Guide: 4 Ways to Cheaper Trips

Spring Break Guide: 4 Ways to Cheaper Trips

If you do not have tickets for your Spring Break trip yet, make sure you ask a Travel Team Agent for the best ideas for your vacation. Have a Travel Team Agent research the best deals before you buy your tickets! Don’t forget the single most important thing to do when shopping is to compare Airfare. Your Travel Team Agent can do this for you!


4 Ways to Find Cheaper Trips:

Fly Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

The cheapest days to fly in the U.S. are usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday so it could pay to move your dates around.

See if Connecting Flights are Cheaper than Non-stops

Sometimes you’ll pay significantly more for the convenience of a non-stop flight; be sure to ask a Travel Team Agent to find this out for you! We are the experts at finding you the best deals!

ask a Travel Team Agent to look for the cheapest flights by calling 1-800-788-0829.


Look for Cheap Destinations

Travel Team Agents are experienced in knowing which destinations are the cheapest. Maybe you want a Ski trip? Or a beach vacation? Either way, our advice costs you nothing, take advantage of our extensive travel knowledge and let us plan the perfect trip for you!


Check out our most popular vacations that include both Australia & New Zealand!

Australia & New Zealand in 19 days from $3,899

22 Day Australia & New Zealand from $5,399


Make Disney Trips Cheaper

Looking for a family trip to Disneyland?

You can often save on travels to favorite destinations by flying to cheaper airports, and usually bigger airports are more cost-effective. This may require extra drive-time, so only you can say if it’s worth it. Your Travel Team Agent will know which airports are the best deals to fly into.


Ready to plan your dream Spring Break, Vacation, Cruise or Destination Wedding?

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