Some of The Best Australian Rainforests to Visit

Some of The Best Australian Rainforests to Visit

Australia is vast and the climate is very diverse. From the arid and ancient Outback, big cities, gorgeous beaches and ancient rainforests there is so much to see.  If you visit Australia, one thing not to miss out is visiting one of the lush, ancient rainforests. Here are some of the best places to visit to explore the rainforests of Australia.

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Queensland is gorgeous and has many rainforests. To the North, you can visit Kuranda Rainforest and the Daintree which is the oldest tropical rainforest on the planet. Daintree Rainforest has an amazing variety of plants, animals; plus you can even take a cruise along Daintree river or take a guided tour with an Aboriginal guide.

Hit the Gold Coast where you will find national parks such as Hinterland, Lamington and Springbrook. This area is cool and temperate and perfect for taking a hike or day trip.


You might not think Tasmania has rainforests, but it actually has cool temperate rainforests as well that are full of history, magical wonders and species only found here. Must visit areas are Cradle Mountain/Lake St. Clair where you can visit the ancient forest of King Billy Pine. Or visit Wild Rivers National Park or Liffey Falls to see sights you can only find here.


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New South Wales

New South Wales has the most diverse rainforests in Australia. See sub-tropical rainforests and also warm and cool rainforest varieties. Take a Bushwalk through Nightcap or Border Ranges national parks. You can also visit the Blue Mountains which is near Sydney.

Northern Territory

You will find famous national parks with wetlands, birds, crocodiles, Aboriginal art and much more. Don’t miss Kakadu National Park, a must see.

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Since Victoria has cool temperate rainforests you can travel to Yarra Ranges National Park, only about an hour from Melbourne.  Or explore the Great Ocean Road and see Great Otway National Park which is lush and green.

Western Australia

Although Western Australia is known for outback landscapes such as Kimberly, there are actually many areas of dry rainforests. Many species of life that are in decline can be found here like snakes, birds and other wildlife. Mitchell River National Park is where you can find places of rainforest that dot the landscape.


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