Similarities & Differences between Australia & New Zealand

Similarities & Differences between Australia & New Zealand

People often ask what is the same or what is different between the two countries. There are many similarities as well as differences between Australia & New Zealand. Read on to learn more…



Both countries were colonies of Great Britain at one time.

Both are English speaking

In both, cars are driven on the left

Both are island nations located in the South Pacific.

Many Australians live in New Zealand, and vice versa.

Both countries take a strong interest in Rugby, cricket and soccer.

Common foods for lamb and potatoes.

Both countries have a large Chinese population that migrated.

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Australia has endless deserts and sandy beaches,

While New Zealand is known for mountains, green landscape and lakes

. Australia was settled as a place for convicts to live (aside from the fact the indigenous people were already there for thousands of years)

.  New Zealand was founded to spread the religious ideals of Britain.

New Zealand was inhabited by the Maori people who came from Eastern Polynesia.

There are more people in Australia than in New Zealand (25 million vs 5 million)

. Australia has a higher GDP than New Zealand

Weather in Australia can be more extreme than in New Zealand

.  Australia is the size of the continental US and New Zealand the size of California. (7.600.000 SQ Kilometers vs 268,000 SQ Kilometers)


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