How To Plan The Perfect Cruise Vacation

How To Plan The Perfect Cruise Vacation

A cruise vacation is one of the most exciting ways to travel. You get the relaxation of a guided vacation and it is a wonderful way to sample the locales of an entire region, rather than have to stick to one city. By planning in advance, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful, stress-free cruise vacation.



Pick the time of year you’d like to cruise. Do you want to go during summer, or do you want a holiday cruise? Cruising during a certain month may save you money if a location experiences rains or cold temperatures. This is also known as ‘shoulder’ season. Some of the best year-round destinations are Hawaii, Asia, the Caribbean, Riviera Maya (Mexico), South Asia, and the South Pacific.

Always ask a Travel Team Agent for the best time of year by calling 1-800-788-0829




Consider where you would like to cruise. Not sure where you want to go? Ask yourself what you want to do and what you prefer most. Do you want warm weather or are you more interested in cities and culture? Do you want an Ocean or a River Cruise? Do you hope to relax on board the cruise, get out into jungles or mountains or take up a new surfing hobby while cruising?



Read reviews of cruise routes and cruise companies. Determine if you want a budget cruise or a luxury cruise. Begin to put together a budget for your cruise, once you’ve narrowed down the time and location. Ask a Travel Team Agent for more information at 1-800-788-0829.



Look into prices. You can search Internet travel booking sites and individual cruise company websites to get an idea of prices. Or even better, visit to search cruises. We have cruise vacations to just about anywhere, and we will always search to find you the best rates.




Book a cruise when you’ve committed to a destination and time frame. If you have a flexible schedule, you can save on a last-minute deal or by going during “shoulder” times.



Ask about airfare, if it does not come with your cruise package. Determine whether you would like to stay for a few extra days before or after your cruise to check out the sites on land. Some cruises have shore excursions included, Ask a Travel Team Agent for more information at 1-800-788-0829.



Review cruise brochures to plan your travel excursions. Have a Travel Team Agent

book shore excursions before you cruise; some excursions may sell out. Ask a Travel Team Agent for more information at 1-800-788-0829.


Call a Travel Team Agent today at 1-800-788-0829 for more information or to book your cruise vacation!

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