One Way vs. Round Trip Tickets

One Way Tickets or Round Trip Tickets – Which is Cheaper?

Have you ever found yourself in need of a one-way ticket? Have you ever been in an emergency and been not sure on how long you will stay? Or maybe you found a great deal from another airport? Whatever the reason, there are a few things you should know.


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One-Way Tickets or Round-Trip – Best Airlines

Some people think that one-way tickets are always half the price of a round-trip or return ticket. This might be true sometimes, or sometimes it’s not. It depends on the kind of airline you fly, time of year and other factors.

Discount carriers (examples: Frontier or Spirit) may offer one-way tickets at half the price of round-trips fares, again this depends.

Legacy carriers (examples: American, United, British Airways): These airlines can be a bit more or even a lot more than half the price of round-trip fares.

Pay attention to details as sometimes one-way can be cheaper, but other times, not by much. Some times, one-way costs a little more.

Tip: Ask a Travel Team Agent for the best prices – and remember, airlines constantly change prices for both round-trip and one-way fares so no matter how you fly, you must compare fares – every time you shop.


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