Ocean vs. River Cruises: Top 5 Benefits of each

Ocean vs. River Cruises: Top 5 Benefits of each

Choosing between an Ocean or River Cruise can be quite the choice. There are benefits to each one, so it is best to choose the most ideal cruise for your needs, and there are vast differences between Ocean or a River Cruise. Here are the top 5 reasons for booking a River or Ocean Cruise to help you decide which is the best for you:


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Top five reasons for booking a river cruise:

-It’s much more intimate – As the size of a river vessel is set by the rivers they navigate; they have to be a lot smaller than their ocean going counterparts. With around another hundred guests onboard with you you’ll get to know everyone and make friends a lot easier than you would on a large cruise ship. Not only this; the staff will also get to know you a lot better and be able to show you much more attention, (if that’s what you want).

-The majority of river cruise companies offer a truly all-inclusive experience. All your drinks and shore excursions are included in the up-front price.

-A river cruise ship can dock right in the heart of a city which means no long transfers or waiting times to reach the different tourist attractions.

-Because of the size of the ship you won’t have long embarkation and disembarkation times with a river cruise – From arriving at the ship you can be in your cabin within minutes! There’s no standing in long queues waiting to get on and off the ship.

– With a river cruise the scenery is constantly changing as you slowly glide down the river.


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Top five reasons to book an ocean cruise

-With an ocean cruise you’ll find you’ve much more choice in terms of where to go, what cruise line to pick and even which ship you sail on.

-The price of an ocean cruise can be more flexible and has more options typically for deals and travel dates. River cruises do tend to sell out very quickly simply because each ship can take so few people.

– Because an Ocean cruise is larger, it offers a much wider range of facilities for you to enjoy.

-This size also means the cruise lines have more room for things like Broadway shows in for you. The point of a river cruise really is the destinations you’ll visit; being in the heart of the action, whilst an ocean cruise will be about the all-round package, with good destinations, a good ship and great entertainment of an evening.

-During an Ocean cruise, if the weather gets bad, the captain can always sail the ship somewhere else meaning your cruise will never be ruined by something you can’t control.


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