When & Why You Need a Travel Agent

When & Why You Need a Travel Agent

In this age of DIY planning, does it make sense to work with a travel agent? It sure does! Recent studies about online satisfaction of booking trips online has been going down, while use of travel agents is going up. People who don’t use a travel agent are less satisfied when returning from vacation than those who use a travel agent.


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Here are five top reasons why you should use a travel agent.


They can save you money

Travel agents can save you money; there are all kinds of tricks of the trade that an agent knows, that can save you money. Other times, it’s not about beating a price but getting more value for your money. A travel agent can often beat another rate, or if not, can often get a better deal.


They can get you out of trouble

Ever been stranded in an airport during a snowstorm? Re-routed to another city? A travel agent is like your own personal, on-the-road concierge, available to help you out when you need it. A good travel agent will already know what’s happening. You may still be in the air and they’re looking at your itinerary and re-routing you before you even land. That’s a lot of hassle avoidance, and a little peace of mind knowing that someone has your back.


Contact a Travel Team Agent for more information or to plan your trip at 1-800-788-0829


They unclutter the vast universe of choices

The process of planning a trip, planning, the research can be fun, but also overwhelming. Having an expert on hand to work with us on the decision-making and planning details is a bonus. Travel agents can provide clarity when you are in information overload.

A travel agent is your personal advisor who will ask the right questions to plan the best trip. A great travel agent is an advisor.


You can use their global expertise and connections

Travel agents are usually well-traveled, and most have firsthand experience with popular destinations across the globe. Travel agents have access to a worldwide network of peers that they can tap into. If they don’t know the best place to watch the sun set in Tasmania or the best bouillabaisse in Marseilles, they likely know someone on the ground who does.


They’ll develop your dream plan

The best travel agents get to know you well. They become specialists in you. They find out what you liked and didn’t like on your last trip. They ask questions; They start coming up with ideas; they craft your dream list, and they start to plan further ahead. They can put together a plan not just for your next trip or two but for the next five or more years.

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