Important Things to Bring for Your Australia Trip

Important Things to Bring for Your Australia Trip

Getting ready to travel to Australia? The land down under is full of excitement, adventure and endless things to experience. To make sure you have the best trip you will want to make sure to pack some essentials. Here are 7 things that you should bring on your trip to Australia.

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1  Universal Waterproof Phone Case

A must, as it protects your phone from dust, dirt, scratches and water. Most of us use our phones for selfies and cameras, so you want to make sure to get the best pictures while protecting your phone.

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2  Underwater Camera

Most major cities in Australia are on the coast so you will probably be enjoying activities like snorkeling, surfing and other water sports. Get an affordable underwater camera so you can cherish those amazing underwater memories and document your adventures.

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3  Power Adapter

In Australia, the standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50Hz. Therefore you need to bring a voltage converter to use your electronics. Bring a power adapter that fits the Australian plugs so you can keep your electronics charged. You can find this online on sites like Amazon so you can have bring it along.

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4  Mesh slip-on water shoes & comfortable walking shoes

Since water sports are huge in Australia, bring a pair of mesh water shoes to use when you snorkel, hike or lounge at the beach. Get something other than regular shoes so you can stay comfortable and dry. This way you won’t ruin your hiking or best tennis shoes. You also want to bring a comfortable pair of shoes to explore the city, comfy sneakers, hiking boots (if you plan on doing some hiking), and of course, flip flips for the beach.

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5  Sunscreen that is environmentally safe for the Great Barrier Reef

If you are visiting the Great Barrier Reef it is very important to wear sunscreen that does not damage the reef and ecosystem. Even if you’re not going to the famous Great Barrier Reef, you’ll likely be doing activities that involve the ocean, and you don’t want to leave chemical residue in the water wherever you go.

6  Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must. It is better to be safe than sorry. Travel Insurance does not cost much but if something goes wrong, it is a lifesaver. Travel insurance covers theft, medical, emergencies etc. It’s a price worth paying for the peace of mind you’ll have while on your trip.

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7  Good quality sun hat

Australia has very strong sun. You will want a hat that offers extra protection from the sun and the heat.


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