How to Spend Less on International Travel

How to Spend Less on International Travel

Many of us are working with reduced budgets in today’s economy. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t still travel internationally. These simple tips can help make your travel dollars go further.

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Travel During Off Season.
This is pretty simple and often the biggest money saver. Do a little research as to when the off season is where you are traveling to before making travel plans. Summer and holiday travel will almost always be the most expensive, while travel during Spring or Fall will often be substantially lower.

Book Your Ticket Early.
If you want to get the best deal on airfare, make sure to purchase your ticket at least a few months in advance. If you have to travel over the holidays, book 3-5 months prior to travel to get the best rates. Last minute tickets often come with hefty price tags.

Use Public Transportation.
Forgo renting a car or booking private transfers. If you are traveling to a big city, most offer various public transportation options and can save you lots in the long run.

Consider Spending some Time in a Hostel.
Hostels aren’t for everyone, but many people do opt to stay in them, especially in Europe. Hostels aren’t just for college students anymore. These days’ people of all ages can be found staying in them, and many offer private or semi-private rooms. Since they cost substantially less then hotels, sometimes spending just a few nights in a hostel and out of the hotel can make your trip more affordable.

Eat Cheap.
The amount of money you spend on food can vary greatly, and can ultimately end up costing you a small fortune if you’re eating at restaurants three times a day. Instead, consider eating just one meal a day at a restaurant, like breakfast or lunch, which is always cheaper than dinner prices. Order the soup from the menu, which is almost always inexpensive, yet healthy and filling. Consider buying some meals from a local supermarket. Often, the deli at a local market can provide you with sandwiches, salads, chips, and beverages for half of what you’d pay if you bought the same meal at a restaurant.

Check on Your Cell Phone Plan.
Many people are not aware that all cellular plans are domestic, and using them internationally can rack up thousands of dollars in fees unknowingly! Make sure to check with your cell phone carrier prior to traveling abroad if you plan on bringing your phone, and find out what kind of international plans they offer.

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