How to Choose a European River Cruise

How to choose a European River Cruise

Finding the right cruise for you ultimately depends on where you want to go.  The river networks in Europe are so expansive that you’d be surprised where it can take you. Here are some popular routes for River Cruises sailing in Europe.

Rhine and the Danube

These are the two most popular rivers for cruising. The Rhine flows from Switzerland to Amsterdam in the North, passing through numerous towns and cities in France and Germany.  The Danube flows from the Black Sea in Romania to the Black Forest in Germany and what makes this river different is that passes through mostly Eastern European countries like Austria, Croatia and Slovakia. Both rivers provide dramatic scenery along the way and is steeped in history.

The Seine and The Rhone

If you’re up for exploring France, both the Seine and the Rhone provide amazing opportunities to cruise through Normandy or down south and the Provencal region.

Other Rivers

Other rivers to consider are the Moselle that runs through a bit of France, Belgium and France. Russia is another country that has river cruising opportunities with the Svir and Volga which has voyages that sail between Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Best Time To Go

The river cruising season typically runs between April to October when the weather is good.  April is not always the best time to go because spring flooding can make certain areas impassable.  If for any reason extreme weather occurs during the cruise, operators are well equipped to handle these situations and will put passengers on busses if necessary.


Booking a River Cruise

Once you’ve decided on going on a River Cruise and where you want to go, when you want to go, and with what company the next step is to make a booking.  The best way is to book directly with a Travel Team Agent, we can book you on the route that you’re interested in and get you the lowest rates; it is also less hassle to book with a Travel Team Agent than if you do it alone.


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