How Much Time Do You Need to Visit Australia

How Much Time Do You Need to Visit Australia

Australia takes a while to get to but it is so worth the travel time.  When you plan a trip to Australia you need to know where to go, how much time to spend and how long it takes to get there. You don’t want to feel panicked or rushed when you are visiting Australia. If you have 8 weeks, go for that long. That still isn’t enough to see everything, but if you have limited time, go for at least 10 days. Here is a short guide on how much time you need minimum to visit some of Australia’s cities.

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Visiting Eastern and Western Australia

Eastern Australia has most of the cities and activities that will keep you busy. Western Australia (Perth) is also well worth the trip. Important to note is that it is a 5 hour flight between the 2 coasts, it is like flying from New York to Denver.

Visit more than 1 City

If you are coming from the United States or Europe, you will probably fly for more than 10 hours. It would be a shame to visit only 1 city. Remember, each city is different looking, feeling and offers an array of different activities. Visiting the East Coast is fairly easy as most of the flights are around 1 – 2 hours and can be pretty cheap. Plan to visit at least 2 cities and always ask a travel team agent what cities are the best to visit by calling 1-800-788-0829.

You need at least 5 Nights to Visit Sydney (Ideally)

Sure, you can stay for less time but to get the best experience, stay at least 5 nights. Sydney is spread out, has unique neighborhoods, sights and side trips that you should see when you are there. A must see is the Opera house, bridge climb or “The Rocks” tour, each will take half a day or more. The side trips like visiting The Blue Mountains will take a day.

Melbourne deserves a 3 night minimum

Honestly, 5 nights is more like it but if you are pressed for time, you can experience it in 3 nights. Melbourne is an absolute must see. Melbourne has a unique vibe and it is incredible, let us repeat, incredible for food! It is also home to some of the best coffee in the world, awesome shopping and cool markets. Each neighborhood has it’s own soul and makes for it’s own trip.

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Visiting Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Hamilton Island & Whitsundays

About a 3 hour flight from Melbourne and Sydney is Northeast Queensland where you will find the most natural beauty. You can’t miss out on visiting the Great Barrier Reef, the beaches of the Whitsundays and tons of natural parks. Places like the Great Barrier Reef will require a minimum of 1 day, honestly, it is several days for most people. If you want to experience beautiful beaches, head for Hamilton Island. If you want access to the Great Barrier Reef, visit Cairns.

2 nights for Adelaide, Brisbane & Gold Coast

These awesome cities need 2 nights to get a feel of. They are also less spread our than Melbourne or Sydney. Adelaide is a sophisticated city full of history, food, wine, elegance and is full of festivals and events. Even cooler, is that you can explore Adelaide by bike.

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Brisbane is a very underrated city that you should visit. It is full of nightlife, a fantastic art scene, and the starting point to going to the Gold or Sunshine coast. It is also home to the biggest koala sanctuary in the world, and has awesome hiking, biking and a lot more!


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