Hidden Destinations in Australia You Must Visit

Hidden Destinations in Australia You Must Visit

Are you ready to get off the beaten path and explore something different? Looking for some hidden attractions Australia has to offer? To list truly all of the hidden gems Australia has would be impossible, rather this is just a few of some of the remarkable destinations that are worth seeing.  Do you want to get off the tourist trail and still get the most out of your time? Keep reading to discover these hidden destinations in Australia that you must visit on your next trip!

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Glasshouse Mountains National Park

Located about 1 hour drive North of Brisbane, and just a little inland from the Sunshine Coast, this park is a truly amazing paradise for nature lovers. There are hiking tracks, ranging in difficulty, leading through the forests to various lookouts, which offer panoramic views. These mountains are located in the Aboriginal lands of the Gubbi Gubbi people, and legend says they are part of a family.


Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island lies just off the coast next to the northern tropical town/city of Townsville in Queensland. It was given its name by Captain James Cook, who reported that the ships compass was behaving strangely when he sailed past. With an average of 320 sunny days per year, stunning beaches and walking trails, this is a destination you must visit.


The Torres Strait Islands


These islands which stretch about 120 KM North to South, are an archipelago of small islands between Cape York, the northern point of the Queensland and the south coast of Papua New Guinea. It is a unique part of Australia and unlike any other part of this vast country. You can do all sorts of fun activities like 4WD, camping, swimming and more.


Litchfield National Park

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Located just south of Darwin, this national park is filled with things to do and see. Take a guided Ranger tour, go swimming in local swimming holes, hiking, camping, 4WD tours, and much more. With stunning waterfalls, gorges, and viewing platforms, this park is truly a treat for the eyes.



north west australia broome

Located in western Australia, it isn’t really hidden, but many tourists have not heard of it. It is a remote location that is gorgeous, full of white sand beaches, rich heritage and more. It is absolutely stunning.





Located in the southern coast of Western Australia, Esperance is a dream come true.You will find the whitest beaches here, and the area is set against a stunning backdrop.  Ideal for swimming and snorkeling, filled with great fishing spots, outdoor activities and more!




Kangaroo Island

remarkable rocks kangaroo island go away aus

Located south of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is a perfect escape from city life. Take the time to explore over 509 KM of coastline. There are so many sights and activities, eco-adventures, culture tours, wildlife parks, beaches, bays and coves, you will have so much to do! If you like to swim, snorkel, go for a marine tour, surf, fish, scuba dive and more, then you must go see Kangaroo Island!

Check out our most popular vacations that include both Australia & New Zealand!

Australia & New Zealand in 19 days

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