Guide to Australia & New Zealand’s Seasons

Guide to Australia & New Zealand’s Seasons

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is what time of year is best to visit New Zealand & Australia. Australia and New Zealand lie in the Oceania region of the southern hemisphere, surrounded by water on all sides. While there is no one best time to visit either of these destinations, consider a couple of key elements when planning travel arrangements;read on for a Guide to Australia & New Zealand’s Seasons.


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Australia’s Climate

The seasons in Australia run opposite of those in North America and Europe. Mild spring weather lasts from September to November. Summer spans December through February, featuring longer daylight hours and warm to hot conditions depending on the part of the country you are in. March through May constitutes autumn, leading into the cooler winter period of June to August.


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Australia’s Peak Tourist Season

Australia’s primary school holidays take place during the summer months of December and January. This means that most places experience their peak tourist traffic around this time. Winter, on the other hand, offers visitors some respite from the crowds and in much cooler and sometimes rainy conditions.

New Zealand’s Climate

New Zealand has a reverse seasonal calender due to its position in the southern hemisphere, so its four seasons run fairly parallel to those in Australia. Queenstown and the Central Plateau on the North Island get a large amount of snowfall during the winter months of June and July, providing some good skiing conditions. The summer months are December and January.

New Zealand’s Peak Tourist Season

Most people in New Zealand take their annual holidays between mid-December and February. It will be more expensive during these summer months, and attractions will generally be more crowded.


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Australia Verdict

A good time to visit Northern Australia between April and August when airfares are lower and the weather is calm along the Great Barrier Reef. If you want to visit Australia’s southern states, the warm summer months are January and February.

New Zealand Verdict

December through February is the warmest and most lively time of year in New Zealand. Skiiers and snowbirds will want to opt for the June to August window. Try visiting during the autumn shoulder season of March and April to take advantage of the moderately warm climate and the relatively small number of tourist crowds.


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