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The annual Outback Festival in Winton in Queensland hosts what archetypal Australian event?

  1. Running of the Sheep
  2. Great Australian Pumpkin Roll
  3. Australian Dunny Derby
  4. Australian National Goanna Pulling Championships


Answer: 3 Australian Dunny Derby


What did lovers attach to the Pont des Art in Paris until the practice ended in 2015?

  1. Poetry
  2. Photos
  3. Padlocks
  4. Pre-nups


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Answer 3. Padlocks

What new London museum features an opening exhibition entitled ‘Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World’?

  1. The Design Museum
  2. The Museum of Politics
  3. The Alternative Museum
  4. The Museum of Friendship


Answer 1. The Design Museum


With a reported 91 million visitors a year, what is the world’s most visited tourist attraction, according to Travel + Leisure magazine?

  1. Las Vegas Strip
  2. Forbidden City, Beijing
  3. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
  4. Times Square, New York City


Answer: 3 Grand Bazaar, Istanbul


Surrounded by more than 100,000 trees, in which Japanese city is the Meiji Jingu Shrine?

  1. Kobe
  2. Yokohama
  3. Osaka
  4. Tokyo


Answer 4. Tokyo


Featuring celebrity squares, the temple bells and the stone Heaven Dogs, where is TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Grauman’s Chinese Theatre)?

  1. Hollywood
  2. Shang
  3. New York City
  4. Las Vegas

Answer 1 Hollywood


What popular tourist attraction can be found in Marne-la-Vallée in France?

  1. Palace of Versailles
  2. Disneyland Paris
  3. Lascaux Cave
  4. Cannes Film Festival

Answer: 2 Disneyland Paris



What airline recently suspended flights to Bali, citing “new administrative requirements imposed by the Indonesian government”?

  1. Tigerair
  2. Qantas
  3. Jetstar
  4. Garuda


Answer 1 Tigerair



What iconic London landmark will be closed for part of this year for renovations?

  1. Tower of London
  2. London Bridge
  3. Westminster Abbey
  4. Big Ben


Answer 4 Big Ben


In which US city can you visit the Experience Music Project and the Space Needle?

  1. Houston, Texas
  2. Orlando, Florida
  3. Seattle, Washington
  4. Chicago, Illinois

Answer 3 Seattle


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