Escorted vs Independent Vacations — Which Should You Choose?

Escorted vs Independent Vacations– Which Should You Choose?

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When you’re planning to travel to a foreign destination, one of the first things you may decide is if you will go on an escorted trip, or an independent one. An escorted trip is when you travel with a group of people, including a tour guide. You travel, eat, stay, explore and shop with this group of people. With an Independent Travel vacation, you chose you itinerary and navigate your own way around. Both types of vacations are very different, so it helps to look at each type of vacation before you decide what type to choose.

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Escorted Tours

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If you are the type of traveler  who enjoys being social, escorted travel is a great option. New friends and relationships are easy to gain through escorted tours. You are also provided a tour guided with escorted travel groups, a great benefit for as you can get more questions answered and about history of certain sites, compared to viewing these sites alone. The tour guide can help you with communication if you are in a country that speaks a different language. Also, the planning of transportation, navigation, food and entertainment has already been taken care of.

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Most of the time, meals, site admissions, transportation and lodging are included in the price. Keep in mind, if you like to be on your own schedule, wake up late, stay in bed etc, you may not want to follow the same schedule as everyone else.

Independent tours


Escorted tours usually hit the most popular and well-known sites of the cities. You might not get to see the smaller, lesser known sites. As an independent traveler, you are able to choose sites to visit that interest you. You can even have your travel team agent add other attractions to your itinerary.

Keep in mind you are responsible for navigating and getting around. The cost of transportation may not be included in the Independent Travel package. Make sure to ask a travel team agent the costs of transportation, meals, and admission fees by calling 1-800-788-0829. This can also be a deciding factor. You will have more freedom however than an escorted vacation.

Independent Travel vacations require more planning than an escorted tour. They call for a reliable and experienced travel agent to work out the details. Travel Team Agents are amazing at booking an Independent Travel vacation.

Deciding what type of vacation would suit your travel needs depends on your personality and what is important to you in your vacation. If you find it more important to socialize and travel with a group while seeing major sites, an Escorted Tour may be the best choice for you.

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If it’s more important to you to be independent, have a flexible itinerary and explore on your own, an Independent Travel vacation may be what you want.  Call a Travel Team Agent today at 1-800-788-0829 for more information.


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