Cruise Versus All-Inclusive Resort: Which Should You Choose?

Cruise Versus All-Inclusive Resort: Which Should You Choose?

There is nothing like a vacation getaway where everything is taken care of. People often wonder which vacation type, a cruise or an all-inclusive resort is the right choice and better deal for them?

Typically on a cruise, and mostly talking about Ocean cruises, not necessarily River Cruises, you might get charged for drink such as alcohol, specialty coffee and meals, and maybe even onboard activities. Not always, but depending on what type of cruise, this is possible. Always ask a Travel Team Agent and we will make sure you are informed, and we find you the best deals on any vacation!


On many of the newer ships, onboard entertainment also is included. In the evening, Vegas-style shows, Broadway musicals, comedy, magic acts and more are available.  Ocean cruises typically include onboard accommodations, meals in a few (but not all) onboard eateries, select nonalcoholic beverages, pool use, daytime kids programs and port stops in multiple destinations (but not necessarily excursions). Ask a Travel Team Agent for detailed information at 1-800-788-0829.


Luxury cruise ships, as well as some river cruise and expeditions are a different story.  Usually some or all shore excursions and a selection of both nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages are in the fares.

All-inclusive resorts include much more. Your payment at all-inclusive resorts will include meals at all on-site restaurants, all drinks (soda, alcohol, coffee), beach and pool access, daytime activities, fitness classes, kids programming, and non-motorized water sports like snorkeling and kayaking. Scuba and snorkel trips, as well as other activities like golf may also be included.


The Bottom Line — All Inclusive vs. Cruise

Whether or not you should choose a cruise or an All-Inclusive vacation really depends on your vacation priorities and spending habits.

If you prefer lying on the same beach for a week straight, and spend the evenings dancing the night away, an all-inclusive resort might be best for you.  If you want to visit more than one destination and see a show in the evening instead, a cruise might be best. Pick the cruise if you like Broadway-style entertainment, if you want to visit different destinations in a week and enjoy days at sea.

Pick the resort if you like hanging wearing a bathing suit all day, or want to walk on the beach any time, try water sports and activities, or eat and drink as much as you want, as these things are usually included.


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