Cruise Suites


  • Spacious cabins
  • Ocean views
  • Added amenities
  • Private verandahs
why book a cruise suite?

Have you been saving up to go on a cruise, maybe for your honeymoon, an anniversary, a girls’ week away, or a family vacation? Make sure your cruise vacation lives up to your expectations by booking a suite.

Let’s be honest: it’s hard to justify going on a cruise if you book a cabin. Not only are they the smallest rooms on the ship (some even have bunk beds to maximize space), but their lack of windows will require you to go out to the deck to see the passing scenery – and rarely will you find an empty chair. Oceanview cabins, though the name sounds quite lovely, is not usually much more than an inside cabin, with a single window or porthole.

On the other hand, suites are the way to truly enjoy your vacation on the seas. Ranging from standard suites to luxury and even penthouse, at the minimum, suites are 50% larger than cabins and come with added amenities, some of which include: floor to ceiling windows, whirlpool bath and shower, a mini-bar and refrigerator, and either a queen bed and sofa or 2 twin beds and sofa.

Most importantly, suites include a sitting area and a private verandah for lounging and dining. (If you’re traveling with a large group, consider booking a least one suite, so your party can enjoy the benefits of the private verandah.)


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