Why You Should Consider a River Cruise

Why You Should Consider a River Cruise

If you have ever wondered why choosing a river cruise is such as great idea, here are some key points to consider when choosing a river cruise….

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The scenery

For many, the beautiful non-stop scenery along the riverbanks is their top reason for going. With land never far away, there is always something to see, be it rolling vineyards, historic cities or jungle. Calling at a new port every day means the scenery is constantly changing.

Small ships

Even the new larger river vessels are still much smaller than most ocean ships, making river cruising ideal for anyone who prefers a more intimate experience. Passenger numbers are in the low hundreds (sometimes even less), rather than the thousands.

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Calm waters

Sea sickness is a concern for some, but most waterways are extremely smooth and make for a very tranquil ride. The width of the rivers, the lack of waves, the flat bottomed design of the vessels and the relatively slow pace of the ship mean you barely feel you’re moving.

More time in port

On most cruises, you’ll visit one or more ports a day, and cover several countries in one trip, while only having to unpack once. Plus, with fewer passengers, getting off the boat is speedy, so no long queues holding up your exploring. Some cruises also stay overnight and offer evening excursions, giving you the chance to experience a city in a whole new way.

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Far-flung destinations

While Europe continues to draw the biggest crowds, there are plenty of other options including the Amazon in Brazil and Peru, the Yangtze in China, the Mekong in Vietnam and Cambodia, the Mississippi in the US and the Irrawaddy in Myanmar (Burma).

Added extras

The majority of river cruises pack in plenty, including drinks, tips, excursions and transfers. The passenger-to-staff ratios also mean service is excellent and very personal.

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