Complete Australian Packing List For Every Region & Climate

Complete Australian Packing List For Every  Region & Climate

Are you traveling to Australia and not sure what to bring? In addition to the essential travel items, where you are going and what activities you plan on doing will determine what you need to bring. First tip is to bring the essential items you will need such a passport, phone charger, toiletries, and then decide which clothes to bring depending on what season and what part of the country you are visiting.

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Essential Items:

Passport (make sure you sort your e-visa before travelling to Australia!)

Print outs – of your travel insurance details, flight information, hotel information, copy of your e-visa acceptance email, a map of the city that you are staying in

Boarding pass if you’ve checked in online

A practical plastic wallet to keep documents in

Australian dollars

A travel credit card to use – make sure you have at least 2 ways to access money

Phone charger

Universal Power adapter

Kindle to read books on

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What to wear in Different Climates

The Northern Territory and Queensland is always hot. The further South you go the temperatures can vary quite a bit. Here are a few pointers as to what to bring

Darwin & the Top End

Summer: This is the wet season so bring a waterproof rain jacket and shoes. Bring breathable pants as the temperatures can get very warm.

Winter:  Pack your shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops as it is pretty wet, a bit cooler but still very warm if not hot.

Alice Springs/Red Centre

Summer: Summertime is almost always dry and hot so bring loose, breathable clothing, and be prepared for night time when it can get very cold. Bring warm clothing such as thermals (if you plan on camping), long pants and warm socks

Winter: It will stay hot most of the time, but can get cooler so bring clothes to keep you warm in and also at night when it gets below freezing at times.

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Tropical North Queensland

Summer:  It rains more during this time so bring your summer clothes as well as rain gear; bring hiking gear if you plan on doing some hiking.

Winter:  It stays pretty warm and it can rain but it usually stays dry. Bring summertime clothes and rain gear if you plan on visiting the rainforest.

Central and South Queensland

Summer: Central and South Queensland are very hot in the summer and it does rain slightly more in the summer, so remember a waterproof coat and your summer gear if you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities.

Winter: It stays warm and rarely cold in Central and South Queensland, so bring a summer wardrobe, but take some warmer clothes just in case.

Northern New South Wales

Summer: It is very warm so you don’t need warm pants but bring breathable and cooler pants and shirts, as well as a rain jacket for thunderstorms.

Winter: It can be warm and sunny during the day and cool at night so bring both summer and warm clothes. It is best to bring layers so you can keep warm or cool at any time.

Southern New South Wales and Canberra

Summer:  Expect  pretty warm weather, and occasionally a cool day. Take shorts and  t-shirts etc but also an emergency pair of long pants and a hoodie.

Winter: It can get cold in the winter. Sydney always stays fairly mild; yet the mountains can have a lot of snow – you’ll need trousers, hoodies and maybe even thermals.

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Summer:  During the summer, the weather can vary and have even 4 seasons in one day. Bring shorts, long pants, t-shirts, a lightweight jacket and waterproof shoes.

Winter: Bring warm clothes, long sleeve shirts and warm shoes.

The Outback

Summer: It is very, very hot, so bring cool clothing, t-shirts, shorts, and the bare minimum of clothing you need. Also bring comfortable walking shoes.

Winter:  Take both warm and cool clothing. You probably won’t see any rain, so no need to bring a rain jacket.


Summer: The temperatures are pleasant and the nights can get cold so bring warm and cooler clothing to be prepared for any weather.

Winter:  It can be chilly in the wintertime and rainy so bring warm socks, long pants, layers and waterproof shoes and a jacket.

Western Australia

Summer: The climate is Mediterranean and has hot, dry summers. Bring summer clothes and an extra pair of warmer clothes as the temperature can vary.

Winter: It is pretty dry and you won’t see a lot of rain. Bring warm clothes as it can get chilly.


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