How To Choose Where to Have Your Destination Wedding?

How To Choose Where to Have Your Destination Wedding?


What is more exciting than dreaming of an exotic destination wedding? The first step is deciding where to go. Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, Mexico, Europe – out of these top destination wedding locations, how do you decide which location is best for you?  The possibilities can seem endless.


To help you decide, you need details about the best spots to help you choose which location is best for your special day.  Read on for details about what to consider when choosing the best spot for your destination wedding…..



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Why you will love Hawaii for weddings: It’s Hawaii! Palm trees, sandy beaches, luau dinners after rehearsal maybe? With so many resorts to choose from, destination weddings are everywhere, and who doesn’t look good with a flower lei on? Are you wanting to get down and party? Head to Honolulu—the rest of Hawaii isn’t known for its nightlife. Want to go to Hawaii? Ask a Travel Team Agent for more information at 1-800-788-0826 today!



The Caribbean



Within the Caribbean there are many destinations. With so much diversity and pure tropical heaven all around, anywhere you go will be breathtaking. The Caribbean is a full-on tropical paradise within a few hours’ flight from the East Coast. Some islands which are more remote may require more flights, make sure you complete the necessary paperwork to get married in advance, some islands might have different requirements. Ask a Travel Team Agent for more information at 1-800-788-0826 today!



The South Pacific


The South Pacific is one of the most beautiful places on earth; and you have endless choices for destinations, from Fiji, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea and more! Who wouldn’t want to get married in an glass bottomed chapel in Bora Bora, or a private island beach on Tahiti? Fiji weddings are easy to arrange and it is a fantastic tropical destination for a wedding and honeymoon with a range of resorts from adults only to family friendly and a range of budgets. One thing to consider is it takes about a day to get here, so it may be best for just a few people to attend, or just you and your honey. You can take care of all the details in as little as a few months before you arrive; you can ask a Travel Team Agent for a detailed list of the required documents to get married by calling 1-800-788-0829 today.

How to Choose Between Tahiti or Fiji?



Mexico is pretty easy ti get to from the US, and it has some of the most friendliest people you will meet. There are many all inclusive resorts here that cater to weddings; here you will also find delicious food and great prices. The Mexican landscape also offers pure gorgeousness from the Pacific to the Caribbean coasts. Make sure you get your birth certificates translated by the Mexican consulate as well as local blood tests and X-rays. Ask a Travel Team Agent for more information at 1-800-788-0826 today!




Not much could be more romantic than a destination wedding in Europe. Europe has castles, chateaus and Mediterranean islands. In Europe you can see Scotland to Santorini, a continent that is swimming in history and romance. Do you want to get married in a Tuscan villa, a romantic cathedral or castle? You can choose a lavish or simple ceremony and spend time taking in the views, history and more as you marry in Europe. Consider planning your wedding during the shoulder season — such as May and September. The weather’s still beautiful and guests can take advantage of low season airfare to Europe.  Ask a Travel Team Agent for more information at 1-800-788-0826 today!



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