Carry On Packing List For International Flights

Carry On Packing List For International Flights

5 Things You Won’t Want To Forget

1. Passport and pen: Most international destinations will require you to fill out immigration and customs forms, usually on the plane, en route; you will need to write requiring your passport number. You will need a pen to fill these forms out.

2. Any necessary medication and toiletries: Delays are to be expected when traveling, but with international flights, it can be a long time before you meet up with the luggage you’ve checked. Make sure you keep your important daily medications with you so you don’t miss a dose. Bring your toothbrush, face wash, baby wipes, deodorant, dry shampoo and more so you feel fresh during your travels.

3. Water bottle: When flying on long flights, you can expect to get dehydrated. Make sure you always have enough water on hand by packing an empty water bottle from home and filling it up once you’ve passed through security.

4. Change of clothes, extra socks and bathing suit: Nothing is perfect in life, and things can happen. Bags sometimes get lost, things spill during flight. You’ll be happy to have an extra set of clothes with you if something unpleasant happens. Going to a beach location? Bring your bathing suit in your carry on, that way you won’t miss any fun in the sun just because you don’t have your checked bags.

5. Snacks: You should always bring some healthy snacks like fruit, granola bars, nuts and veggies on the plane with you. Sometimes it can be hard to get healthy snacks, especially at times when you’re most hungry.

Complete Packing List for an International Flight

When packing for an international flight, you have to select what’s essential to bring on your trip. It is always good to pack light while bringing essentials with you. Before you go, here is a list of what you should get ready to take before stepping foot on the plane:

  • Passport
  • International credit cards
  • Health insurance card
  • Travel documents, like hotel reservations and car rental information
  • Eyemask
  • Headphones
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Light jacket or scarf
  • Ear plugs
  • Sleep aids
  • Glasses and contact case with solution
  • Change of clothes, socks and bathing suit
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Pen
  • Entertainment, such as books, magazines or an iPad


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