Biggest Travel Mistake When Booking Travel to Australia

Biggest Travel Mistake When Booking travel to australia

The #1 biggest mistake we see often is when travelers have already booked or purchased a portion of their trip or ticket based on price, before speaking with a Travel Team Agent. Travelers may often book what they see as the cheapest fare, before speaking to a travel team specialist. Nearly every day we receive calls from passengers who have purchased the cheapest air ticket to their destination or cruise before discussing the entire trip with an agent.   Travelers are often amazed when they discover the amount of money they could have saved by having a Travel Team Agent use tools such as open jaws and air passes to plan a better vacation that saves money. Travel Team Agents know ways to make your trip truly amazing! 


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Example 1:  A passenger goes online and purchases the lowest priced ticket they to Australia. They then want to add on flights to other destinations within Australia (Barrier Reef, Uluru, Ayers Rock, Alice Springs etc.) and/or New Zealand.  They find that that air prices with Australia and New Zealand can be quite expensive if not purchased in conjunction with their international fights.  Instead of purchasing an air pass and using some of the tricks a Travel Team agent can use, they spend hundreds, sometimes a thousand dollars more than needed.  The same also applies to using mileage before talking to a Travel Team agent about their entire trip.  Using mileage sometimes saves very little when compared to using a Travel Team air pass. Don’t waste your miles! 

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Example 2:  A passenger purchases a cruise directly from the cruise line.  (You never will get the lowest cruise price by booking directly with the cruise line.  (unless you are an employee of the cruise line booking yourself)

We can always match the lowest cruise price you have found and still put it into travel package that will include your airfare, hotels and tours AND SAVE YOU MONEY!!!

m s paul gauguin cruise ship

A Travel Team Agent can book the cruise and also the very lowest airfare in addition to pre and post cruise tours. The entire vacation can be put into a neat package that will save you money. 


***Travel Team prices are always lower than booking directly with a cruise line!***

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That seemingly ‘cheap’ ticket can end up costing you extra money. The best way to save money and hassle is by speaking to a travel team agent before you book your flights.

Travel Team Agents can help save you money and alleviate baggage hassles. When you contact a Travel Team Agent, we explore all options to get you the best rates.

Avoid the hassle, Contact a travel team agent today at 1-800-788-0829, and let us help you plan that trip you have been talking about.


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