Best Time to Travel to Australia

 Best Time to Travel to Australia

People often ask when is the most ideal time to travel to Australia. We have put together this helpful guide of seasons, temperatures and tips, to help you decide when you should travel down under…


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Seasons in Australia

Did you know the seasons in Australia are reversed to our seasons here in the USA?

Spring: September – November: The climate is great, not too hot, not too cold

Summer: December – February: It can get a bit hot

Autumn: March – May: A great time to travel, the climate is lovely

Winter: June – August: It might be cool but not cold


Temperatures in Australia:


It is helpful to consider that Australia is about the size of the United States, in other words, Australia is huge with large variances in temperatures on a single day. The further North you go, which is closer to the equator, the hotter it gets, so this is opposite of the USA.


There are not too many snowbound cities in Australia – The coldest it gets might be around 32 F in tourist destinations like Uluru or Canberra during July/August which is winter.


The hottest dry heat is around 100 F in Uluru in summer – December/January


Rainfall in Australia

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Wet Season: November – May(most rainfall occurs in January, February and March).

Let’s talk about the Tropics of Australia which is the region north of the “Tropic Of Capricorn” or the top third of Australia. Cities included are Cairns and Darwin. If you want to explore the Outback in the far North, you might not want to do this during the wet season.

Now if you plan do go scuba diving, well, it won’t matter if you go in the wet season, you will be getting wet anyways!


Stinger Season: November – May (wet season)


Little marine critters and jellyfish that sting are collectively known “Stingers”.  They generally don’t affect the Great Barrier Reef.  Stingers aren’t super energetic and have not caused any problems around the reef and islands but occur mainly around the rivers, creeks and beaches north of, and around, Bundaberg. They are easy to avoid, but cause discomfort if you are stung.  The more serious ones are ‘Box Jellyfish’ which have been known to be lethal. Stinger season is from typically November through May.  If there are stingers present there will most likely be signs posted.  At these locations you will need to swim inside the stinger enclosures provided or wear a stinger suit.  A stinger suit is like a ‘sun suit’ – a long leg, long sleeve, one piece swimsuit typically made from lycra (or similar).


Seasons for Flights to Australia:


Airfares to Australia are affected by your dates of travel.

Cheap: Airfare during less expensive seasons is usually from May to Jun 8 approximately, and July 24 – September 21.

Mid: Feburary 1 – April 30; June 9 – July 23; and September 27 – December 8.

Peak: December 9 – January 31; this tend to be the most expensive time to fly.


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