Best Time Of Year To Visit Australia

When will the Australian climate be most comfortable for you based on your planned vacation activities?  Here are some useful Facts and Resources on Australia’s Climate Averages, Rainfalls and Water Temperatures to help you decide. Be sure to ask a Travel Team Agent for personal tips, hints and more!


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Seasons in Australia

Spring: September – November (lovely)
Summer: December – February (hot)
Autumn: March – May (lovely)
Winter: June – August (cool, but not really cold)


Temperatures in Australia

As a starting point, its important to know that the size of Australia compared to the USA is only slightly smaller in land mass – so Australia is huge!  So there are large variances in temperatures across Australia on any day.  The further north you travel (closer to the equator) the hotter it gets, which is the opposite for the USA.

The coldest it gets in Australia’s most visited tourist destinations is around 32F (freezing) in places like Uluru or Canberra during winter nights in July/August.  There are not any snowbound cities in Australia.

The hottest (dry heat) is about 100F at Uluru in the peak of summer in December/January.  And with 100% humidity it can reach about 90F in Cairns and Darwin during those same months.


Australia Rainfall (Tropics)

Wet Season: November – May  (Most rainfall occurs in January, February & March.)

Dry Season: June – October

The “Tropics of Australia” is the region north of the “Tropic of Capricorn” (the top third of Australia) and includes cities like Cairns & Darwin.  Rainfall is an important consideration if you want to spend some of your vacation exploring the Outback at Kakadu National Park in Australia’s far north – the “wet season” is not the time to do it.  However if Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef is more up your alley, then it won’t matter if you travel in the wet season – either way you’re going to get wet and have fun!

The best time to visit Australia is either Spring (September – November) or Autumn (March – May), not too hot nor too cold.  You avoid the busy Summer Break (School Holidays) and the peak Christmas traffic (most expensive flight prices).  If traveling up north to the tropics and with no other influencing factors, go  in Spring, just before the wet season.


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