The Best European Cities For Spring Break 2018


The Best European Cities For Spring Break 2018

Looking for a great destination to escape for Spring break? These cities offer amazing culture, food, experiences and more. Read on to discover some of the best  European cities for Spring break…



1   Rome

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Rome’s mild Mediterranean climate is a plus for visitors from the cool north, but one of the main draws will always be the pulsating energy of this city.  There are great neighborhood trattorias, quirky shops and a buzzing aperitivo scene. There are so many churches, archaeological sites, piazzas and paintings to see that a lifetime is hardly enough.



2   Venice


Venice never loses its capacity to enchant. Summer brings some of the most crowds. The sheer loveliness of an exquisite city that seems miraculously built on water is a major draw for travelers. Take in Venice’s churches and museums, but don’t miss a vibrant contemporary art scene, even away from the Art Biennale. Venice is a unique, magical place 365 days a year.


3   Florence

River Cruise Florence Cathedral and the Basilica of Santa Croce from across the Arno River in Italy

Florence is one of Europe’s great art cities. There so much exquisite art and architecture, it’s difficult to know where to start. Florence is a living city with a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene, and a lively culture scene that embraces opera, classical music and contemporary art. Handsome, historic, full of quirky shops and quality crafts, and close to the vine-covered hills of Chianti.

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4    Madrid



Madrid is filled with new boutiques, delis, cafés and bars opening up every week. It’s perfect for a culture-rich long weekend or city break, with great food and a lively atmosphere at night. Madrid may be cold in winter – it is one of Europe’s capital cities – the sky is usually blue and the sunshine strong enough to allow visitors to sit at a pavement café sipping a drink.


5   Barcelona


Barcelona is a patchwork of architectural styles and a day spent admiring them can be topped off with a sundowner on one of the city’s seven beaches before dinner at any number of family-run tapas bars. Barcelona has a relaxed pace, months of endless sunshine, unbeatable food – with the cultural and design clout of almost any city in the cold north. There are a series of festivals and events that take place in Spring, so you can set out to take in some local fun too.



6   Seville

seville-city spain gate 1

Compact, rich in history and famous for its flamenco, tapas bars and orange trees, Seville is an ideal short break destination, especially in spring before the sun becomes too scorching. Stay in the city’s old town to explore the cobbled streets of the Santa Cruz quarter and the breathtaking Alcázar Palace. Soak up the atmosphere on the banks of the Guadalquivir, and admire the views from the ancient cathedral tower and recently opened Parasol Metropol.



7  Paris


Paris is one of the world’s most beautiful cities and a vibrant, dense collection of villages. Behind the grandiose palaces and boulevards, you can discover intimate courtyards and gardens; behind historic façades are craft workshops and eminent research institutions. Perhaps the true clue to Paris’s appeal is that despite being one of the most visited cities in the world it is also intensely lived-in. With its flats, playgrounds, food markets and cafés, there is no empty heart in the center; and you, too, can play at being a Parisian.


8   Marseille


Marseille is France’s oldest city, founded 2,600 years ago by Greek traders. Recently, the emphasis has been on cultural consolidation. New and renewed museums are hitting their stride. There are enough new trams, designer hotels, galleries, chic restaurants and shops to fill a year’s-worth of lifestyle magazines. Marseille will remain magnificent with its coast of rocks, the sea, and the beat of a big port city.


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9   Amsterdam


Amsterdam has the buzz of a metropolis, yet it’s small enough to walk or cycle almost anywhere you want. Beautiful bridges, top-ranking art museums and one of the best orchestras in the world. Amsterdam combines its glittering past with a wry, rough, rebellious contemporary edginess. Spring’s the time to come tulip-plucking, but really any season in Amsterdam has its allure.




10   Lisbon


Visit Lisbon for the simple charm and maritime magic of a vintage-era Southern European capital. Set against the ever-present backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, this sun-kissed city lives in a Latin fairytale of manners and traditions. Just check out the century-old wooden trams and iron funiculars that still lurch and rumble their way among the seven steep hills over which this city lies.





11   Dubrovnik

The best European cities for Spring break dubrovnik1 croatia gate 1 europe

Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most magnificent walled cities. It is a Unesco world heritage site and Croatia’s most up-market destination, it was once the capital of the wealthy sea-faring Republic of Ragusa (1358-1808). During its Golden Age in the 16th century, it had one of the largest merchant naval fleets in the world, with consulates in more than 50 foreign ports. Today, visitors come here for leisure, not to trade. The main draw is the charming pedestrian-only old town, packed with aristocratic palazzi and elegant Baroque churches.





12  Dublin


Ireland in spring is a beautiful place. Sights, sounds and scents fill the senses. From the energy of young lambs running around green fields, to vibrantly coloured flowers shooting up, to the fun and excitement around St Patrick’s Day. What’s not to love?

The Irish capital is full of traces of a tempestuous past, and yet the city wears the weight of this history relatively lightly. Come here for Georgian architectural elegance, a still robust pub culture, some wonderful museums and galleries, an attractive seaside location.



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