The Best Days Of The Week To Plan Travel

The Best Days Of The Week To Plan Travel



It can actually make a difference, the days of the week you start to plan a trip. Some say days like Tuesday and Wednesday are the best to find the lowest airfare – but some say Saturday and Sundays are the best days to find the best deals, so how do you know which day is best?

Saturday & Sunday?

It might not always be the case but many airlines have figured out that people who browse for fares on the weekend are more likely to travel for pleasure rather than business. This group is harder to woo because they have the most time to browse to find the best rates, so airlines sometimes post lower fares to get their attention. The best thing to do is ask a travek team agent and let us find the lowest fares for you.


But Tuesday/Wednesday can also be a good day to buy

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are typically the least expensive for trips within the U.S. International flights can vary. You can find the best deals by speaking to a travel team agent, we have access to the latest deals and those that aren’t available wide spread sometimes, we always get you the lowest fare and at no additional cost you.


How far to book in advance: The general rule of thumb is about seven weeks for domestic flights. Try to book at least a few months in advance for international flights, call a travel team agent  when in doubt, we will find the lowest fares possible for any time frame.


The worst day to buy: Within 11 days of your flight.  One day before the flight is going to be the worst day to buy. Call your travel team agent and we will help you navigate this with no hassle.


The best fares for Thanksgiving: For Thanksgiving, 96 days (about 14 weeks or so) before the flight.


The bottom line & best tool: Do your homework or better yet – call a travel team agent at 1-800-788-0829; don’t book a portion of a trip before speaking to a Travel Team Agent 

The best tool is a Travel Team Agent. Tailor Made Journeys for internet prices.



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