Best Cities for Street Food

Best Cities for Street Food


Whenever you travel to a new place, it is a must that you try their food. We aren’t just talking about restaurants here, it is about getting out and exploring the streets. So many cities offer foods that you may not have tried, or you get to experience how the cultures of a city have influenced the cuisine. Here are some of the best cities to visit for street food…




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1  Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a culinary wonder, filled with food and flavors to please the palate. There are street foods everywhere that cater to every meal you could want. For breakfast try sweet soymilk and bean curd or try a dish of fragrant rice. Try a poached chicken for a delicious lunch. Of course you can’t go wrong with phad thai noodles or grilled satay.

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2  Tokyo, Japan

There is more to Japanese food than sushi. Japan is famous for grilling fresh ingredients in front of you and this style of cooking with high heat keeps the flavors inside, resulting in a taste that is amazing. Try the street food such as grilled meats and vegetables, and of course if you want sushi, this is the land of sushi.


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3  Honolulu, Hawaii

Because Hawaii is a cultural salad of different traditions and cuisines, you will find food influenced from Asia and Latin America. Poke is famous (poh-kay) which is a raw fish salad and can be served as a sandwich as well. You will find street vendors selling everything from kimchi and ceviche. Don’t miss out the shaved ice, which is a Hawaiian classic. Honolulu is a city filled with food trucks, so don’t be afraid to get out there and explore, sometimes the best street food is off the beaten path.

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4   Durban, South Africa

Besides the wonderful weather, this is one of the best cities in South Africa for street food. The cuisine is a blend of Indian, Zulu, and European ingredients.  Try curries, grilled chicken and enjoy the ocean breeze while you eat.


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5  Istanbul, Turkey

Try fresh baked simit, which is a blend of a bagel and a pretzel. There are so many street vendors here you can walk thru the streets and sample the different options. Try Turkish pizza (lahmacun), kebabs or pistachio ice cream!


6  Paris, France

You might think of food in Paris as ‘fine cuisine’ which of course it is known for. There are also wonderful street vendors where you can try roasted chestnuts, crepes, and more. Try it with Nutella and banana or one filled with gruyere, ham and egg.


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7  Mexico City, Mexico

You won’t find Tex-Mex food here. You will get real Mexican food that is hard to find in the states. Try a taco stand and be blown away by the fresh tortillas, grilled meats and cheese.


8  Cairo, Egypt

There is a world of dishes to sample in Cairo. Try Koshary a mix of rice, lentils, chickpeas that is topped with fresh tomato sauce. The street food here is tasty and filling, and…cheap. Don’t forget the hot tea after you have a dessert.



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