Best & Worst Times to Visit Australia

Best & Worst Times to Visit Australia

There are some times of the year are better than others when visiting Australia. During certain times of  the year,  there are less crowds, cheaper tickets, and the weather might be better depending on where and when you visit.

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Different times of year will highlight different parts of the country and its climate in different ways. The Northern half of the country is pleasant and dry during April thru September. It runs humid during October to March with more rain, but there is a lot of wildlife to see during this time and wetlands and rainforests are beautiful to see.

Seasons for flight prices

Pricing for flights to Australia depend on the dates you travel.  A guideline for the seasons is:

Basic or cheap season runs from May – June and July – September.

Shoulder season (the time between peak and off-peak seasons) runs February – April, June – July an September – November.

Peak (Expensive) Season runs December – January.

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High and Low Seasons

Visiting Australia during the high season can be good and bad depending on where you want to visit and what you want to do. The high season for tourists runs from April to September.  The weather is fairly mild in most areas of the country. This season also means there are crowds and popular sites and the prices are higher, so if you plan to visit during this time, book far in advance.

The low season is October to March. It is less crowded, but much of the country especially Western Australia and the Red Center is hot. Cairns and Darwin are also places that can feel even hotter thanks to the humidity.

Summer is December to February. Visiting Sydney and Melbourne are great choices during the summer, there are festivals, the people are relaxed and you will find so many things to do. Keep in mind the summer is also peak season for places such as Brisbane and the Gold Coast; there might be crowds, so if you want to avoid this, visit in February when the crowds thin out and the prices drop.

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Jellyfish Season

Planning on swimming off the coast of Australia? You don’t want to do this during Jellyfish season. This can differ throughout the country. Jellyfish season typically lasts from October to April in northern Australia and November to March in the north of Western Australia and Queensland.

The Best Time to Travel to Australia

Anytime is a great time because you are visiting Australia! But, you want to factor in what cities you are visiting and what types of things you want to do. Typically Spring which is September – November or Fall (March – May) is when it won’t be too hot or too cold and you avoid the crowds that come with peak season. Always ask a travel team agent for tips and for help planning by calling 1-800-788-0829!


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