Benefits of a Long Stay Vacation

Benefits of a Long Stay Vacation

Long term travel is a special experience. It’s a vacation, but also more of a lifestyle. Your house is your backpack, your kitchen is the local cuisine, your neighbor is everyone, your job is to enjoy, and your classroom is the world. Long term travel takes you to different physical places around the world but it also takes you to places in your mind you did not know existed. It changes the way you look at things and helps you realize what is important to you.



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Follow your dreams

We all have dreams and desire of travel. Try writing down your goals and dreams. It’s amazing how powerful it is to write the goal down, set a date, and believe in it. The beautiful thing is you can believe anything you want and only you can hold yourself back. The point is that whatever your dreams are, you can make it happen if you believe in them.


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At home sometimes we may feel not 100% free. We become attached to a career via jobs and school, material things, routines, and friends and family. The freedom experienced during a long-term trip is unlike any freedom. The freedom of choice is what many people strive for, and to get a taste of what this is like, you do not need to wait until you’re a millionaire, you just have to go on a long term trip (for at least a month), with NO PLANS.


Say Yes

There is a quote that goes something like this “If you want to experience life, say yes.” If you are a city person, you might at first feel hesitant to say yes to things because you may be comfortable with your usual routine. But during a long stay vacation experience you will discover hidden gems that you can only see by saying yes. Eat amazing food, try new things and you might just see how happy people can be with so little. All because you said yes.



Everything you need is in backpacks. It allows you to be mobile, change plans on the fly, and worry less about stuff. During a long stay vacation you may realize that you need less stuff. Besides simplicity about material goods, simplicity is important about the way you feel.

It’s important to realize what matters at the end of the day and remove the things that make everything complicated.


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