Australia’s Seasons

Australia’s Seasons

Australia is a vast continent so before you explore you should check what time of year it is where you are going.  Australia’s seasons are reversed of the seasons In the Northern hemisphere; the seasons and climates are so very different depending on where you travel to.

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Summer is from December 1 thru the end of February. Autumn is from March thru May, winter is June to August and Spring is from September to November.

Each season starts on the first day of the month.

Although there four official seasons in Australia, there is a wide variety of climate variations due to the size of Australia. The Southeast and West have a climate that is comfortable and does not get too extreme. The north of Australia is tropical and have 2 distinct climates – wet (November – April) and dry (April to November).

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During Autumn which begins March 1, Australia receives a lot of rain. Sydney for instance will see an average of 12 days rain during the month. The rest of the year is pretty dry. It is smart to travel with an umbrella during this season or pack a jacket in case of rain.


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