Australian Christmas Traditions


Australian Christmas Traditions


Australia is the Land Down Under, where the seasons are opposite to Americans. When Australians celebrate Christmas on December 25, it is during summer vacation. So while North Americans look forward to a White Christmas, Australians love to be outside to surf, swim, and grill meals outdoors. Here are some ways to know it’s Christmas downunder..


Christmas in Summer

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Instead of frozen hands, wool sweaters and scarves, expect your Australian Christmas to be full of sunshine, beaches and short sleeves.


Sand, Surf and Santa

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Going to a Christmas Party? You will probably be asked to bring cold beers, a hat, and sunscreen. Hitting the beach is a beloved Christmas tradition as Aussies seek respite from the sweltering heat and make the most of their time off by relaxing near the coast.


Christmas Pudding? Naw, it’s cherry Picking & berry time

The Aussie summer in December means that the orchards flourish and stores and markets are filled to the brim with sweet and fresh stone fruit which inevitably end up in the fruit bowl and served fresh in desserts  on Christmas day and throughout the summer period.


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Bring a Plate

For Australians, the invitation to “bring a plate” means to bring a plate with food, not just an empty plate!  Aussies love a get together and opening their homes up to others – “Bringing a plate” simplifies the meal planning, opens up conversations about recipes, culinary techniques and traditions (since Australians come from everywhere around the world) and shares the responsibility of catering usually leaving the host to be able to spend more time entertaining.


Abbreviating every word – even “Christmas”


Something an Aussie would say: “Can you head down to the bottle-o down the road this arvo to grab a few bevvies before Chrissy dinner? You can grab a prezzy for Tommo while you’re there. Oh, and can you  fill up the car at the servo too?”



“Would you mind making a trip to the bottle shop down the road later this afternoon to purchase some beverages before Christmas dinner?  You can pick up a present for Tom while you are there. While you are out, would you mind also filling up the car gas?


Bare feet

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Being relaxed is a well known Aussie trait that carries over into footwear as well. While lots of public areas (pubs, shopping centres) require you to wear footwear for your own safety, some Australians generally take this as a guideline rather than a hard and fast rule.


If looking for their thongs (flip-flop sandals) is all a bit too hard, going barefoot is the next best option.


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Reindeer Sleighs??? No, Kangaroo-driven sleighs of course!

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You will see Christmas lights and decorations pulling sleighs, but with Kangaroos, not reindeers! It’s Australia, what else would you expect?


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