The Advantages Of A European River Cruise

The Advantages Of A European River Cruise

Ocean cruise ships only touch the edges of continents, while river boats take you to the heart of magnificent cities and ancient towns. You will glide past hillside vineyards, medieval castles and historic monuments. Disembark and walk right into town for lunch, stroll along the pier or hop on bicycles to explore.


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With so much to do and experience on a river cruise, here are some tips for getting the most enjoyment.


Alaska River Cruise: Nothing garners a warm welcome quicker than saying hello in the local language. Learn to say “hello,” “thank you” and “excuse me” in as many of the countries’ languages as possible. Write it on a cheat sheet and put it in your pocket. Chances are that the local shopkeeper, upon hearing your broken German or Romanian will immediately speak to you in English. The effort won’t go unrewarded.

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Cash is king. Make a list of the countries you will visit and find a local bank that will order your foreign currency. Mainly, you’ll need Euros. But if you can get any of the other currencies, you can avoid the high commission exchange fees. The boat’s front desk will also exchange currency. Tipping at the end of your cruise is expected to be in Euros.


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Weather reports. When traveling the rivers in the spring or fall, there will certainly be a variance in temperatures and precipitation. Bring a plastic poncho and a folding umbrella. And leave that backpack at home. Nothing says “American Tourist” more than a bright backpack. Blend in and use a tote bag, it’s much more European.

Remember to bring your electric current converter.


Looking for the perfect photograph? Remember the Golden Hour Rule. The Golden Hour is that moment near sunset and sunrise. Bring your camera with you to dinner and keep an eye on the scenery. When you think the moment is right, quickly walk outside and snap those gorgeous sunset photos.


Arrive early or stay late. You’ve come so far it is well worth it to spend at least two full days in either your arrival or departure city. Taking a Danube River Cruise? Sometimes the river cruise companies offer a pre or post cruise extension. Investigate your options by asking a travel team agent at 1-800-788-0829


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