A Resort Fit for Royalty

A Resort Fit for Royalty

The wedding of Prince William and Kate last month drew more viewers than any other wedding in history. Of course the public was also very curious about the royal honeymoon. It recently came out that the newlyweds spent two weeks in the island paradise of the Seychelles, a beautiful island country made up of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, some 932 miles east of mainland Africa.

William and Kate stayed at the breathtaking North Island Resort while there, a luxurious lodge located on a secluded island, dotted with pristine white sand beaches and surrounded by clear turquoise waters.

The North Island has just 11 villas total, each approximately 4,890 square feet in size, offering ample privacy and space to relax and rejuvenate. Each villa has been individually hand crafted, and each features 2 bedrooms, a changing room, a large bathroom with marble bathtub, and indoor and outdoor shower, and fully retracting sliding doors which open to a view of the sea.

The amenities feature satellite TV, DVD/CD systems, internet access, kitchen, lounge, a huge private patio and private plunge pool. Each villa also has its own Island Buggy, to explore the island at leisure.

The resort also has a spa/wellness center, air-conditioned gym and swimming pool, and exceptional world class dining. Optional island activities include; diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, fly fishing, private boat tours and more!

Prices at this amazing resort start at around $2,900 per person, per night. Contact a Professional Travel Agent today if money is not an issue & you want a vacation or honeymoon that is like heaven on Earth!


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