9 Tips to Beat TSA Lines & Memorial Day Traffic

 9 Tips to Beat TSA Lines  & Memorial Day Traffic


If you are 1 of 38 million Americans who are expected to travel this Memorial Day weekend, be prepared for long lines at the airport. Start your vacation off right by knowing the best ways to get thru the TSA lines. Your trip will go alot smoother, and be less stressful. Follow these helpful tips to kick off your holiday weekend…


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1. Come Prepared

Save time by being prepared. Place your liquid items in a clear plastic bag and make sure your items comply with TSA regulations. The biggest delays come when travelers have to repack, or throw away things last minute.


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2.  Carry On

Often, packing a carry-on is really all you need. You may be able to check in online before you arrive, and head to the security line right away.

3.  Arrive Early

TSA is saying you now need to give yourself two to three extra hours, with longer waits coming at larger airports like New York’s JFK and LaGuardia, Chicago’s Midway, Seattle’s Sea-Ta and Los Angeles’ International Airport.

4.  Listen to Your TSA Officer

The world may not be happy with the TSA right now, but they are the ones who will know the way to the fastest line. Ask nicely.

5.  Take the Fast Track

If you’re a frequent flyer, you might want to invest in a fast-track package. There are options that provide expedited clearance through security. Ask a Travel Team Agent for more information on how this works.

6.  Go Elite

Elite status will get you a shorterTSA experience. If you haven’t earned the status and have the money to spare, ask your Travel Team Agent…. buy into some of these program rewards buy upgrading your ticket. Even the smallest upgrade like extra legroom come sometimes allow you to skip ahead.


7.  Travel During Off-Peak Hours

Friday, Sunday and Monday are the busiest travel days. Save yourself a lot of time – and stress – by traveling during off-peak hours. Ask a Travel Team Agent at 1-800-788-0829 to find out the best time to fly and which terminals to avoid when connecting flights.

8.  Keep Your Cell Phone Ready and Charged

Stay on top of travel delays, check your phone for alerts and alternate routes. Bring a  portable charging device. It will save you from having to fight for an outlet to plug into at the gate.


9.  Go on a Road Trip

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