9 reasons you should Explore Europe on a River Cruise

9 reasons you should Explore Europe on a River Cruise


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A European River Cruise is one of the best ways to explore inland Europe, visiting cities, towns and villages that traditional big ships usually can’t access. In addition to this, there are plenty of reasons you should take a European River Cruise……


You can see a whirlwind of cities and have zero stress

As you sample several European cities in a week, you won’t have to deal with unpacking and re-packing at every stop. Not to mention the washing and ironing. Once on board a river cruise, you slide your suitcase under the bed and focus on more pressing matters, like whether to choose steak or salmon for dinner, or red wine or white.


You’ll have more freedom than you think

River Cruises offer a lot of time for exploration. You can go on shore excursions and explore cities on bikes, venture into ancient alleyways, parks and more – you won’t be herded into big groups with 30 minutes to spare, you can usually take your time.


Most Are Environmentally Friendly


In this day and age, travel has a more green side, and river cruises are no different. Boats now have reduced diesel engines or low emission powering systems to LED lights and solar panels. Many cruise ships power up on shore grids when docked and many use food only sourced from local farmers markets along the way. Good for the environment and delicious!


You Will Make Friends

As you cruise along one of Europe’s spectacular rivers, it is the perfect opportunity to get to know other passengers. There are far less people on a River Cruise than an Ocean Cruise, so you might find yourself making friends in the Jacuzzi, dining with a new group of pals, and more! The chances to socialize on a cruise are limitless.


You’ll get to know the diverse staff

River cruise ships now consist of an eclectic mix of workers whom you’ll have the chance to befriend in no time. Thanks to this melting pot of nationalities, you will get to mix and mingle with so many interesting people.



You’ll Retrace Great Journeys Of The Past

As you journey along ancient rivers, you might feel like a Lord, a Queen, as you explore historical places, sip brew at 19th century alehouses, visit museums and more – it is an experience you cannot miss.


There are no hidden costs (on certain trips)

Choose the right cruise and what you pay is what you get. No need to bring a penny extra penny, Many cruises offer fully inclusive services, such as on-board meals, laundry, wi-fi, top shelf alcohol and more! Ask a Travel Team Agent for information at 1-800-788-0829.


You Will Save Time

Once on board, you just have to enjoy the ride. Factor in the time saved from cooking, cleaning, changing hotels, paying for anything and you’ll feel like the countries are being brought to you.


Cruises have never been so varied

Whether traveling with a partner, a sibling, or flying the flag solo, a cruise exists for you. Many companies offer special single rates as well as the twin and double rooms. There’s also the fully-inclusive, part-inclusive; the alcohol-excluded and the alcohol-fueled.


Ask your Travel Team Agent at 1-800-788-0829 for the best advice in planning your next River Cruise


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