8 Tips for Smarter Airline Travel

8 Tips for Smarter Airline Travel

Whether you are flying for business or your dream vacation, flying can sometimes be stressful. If you are prepared ahead of time, you can avoid any delays and stress and have a wonderful trip. Read this 8 tips for smarter airline travel…

1    Take an Uber to the Airport

Instead  of driving to the airport and paying for parking, take an Uber to the airport. You won’r have to worry about paying for parking, long lines or looking for a parking spot.

2   Leave Extra Early for your Flight

No matter what the weather, leave earlier that you think you need to.  Even if there isn’t ice or snow on the ground, or bad traffic, all it takes in one accident to make you get stuck in a delay and you might miss your flight.


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3    Anticipate Delays


There is no way to prevent delays, but you can be better prepared if you anticipate for them. When you are prepared, you will avoid unnecessary stress in the event something does happen.

4     Book Your Airfare in 1 Itinerary

It is much better to book your flights on one itinerary rather than to book different flights on different itineraries. If there are any delays, you might miss a flight and the airlines may not have any obligation to accommodate you. Better yet, have your travel team agent book your flights by calling 1-800-788-0829

5    Fly into your Cruise Port a day Early

Some people think if they fly into their cruise port on the day they depart they might save money on a hotel stay. This can actually be risky if your flight is delayed – you may miss your cruise departure! Be safe and fly in the night before so you don’t risk watching your cruise depart without you!

Ask your travel team agent for more information in planning your trip by calling 1-800-788-0829 today!

6     Always have a Plan B

You never know if weather or other circumstances might cause a delay and throw a wrench in your plans. Make sure you have alternate plans just in case.

 7    Track Your Flight Online

It is a good idea to track your flight, even days before the trip. By tracking your flight, you can see if there are any delays, and if so you can plan accordingly how to avoid any hassles or delays.

8      Buy Travel Insurance

We always recommend our client purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance can provide coverage for all sorts of delays and even a cancelled trip that is out of your control. You can browse your own travel insurance policies, or visit travel team travel insurance policies to compare prices here….




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