8  Amazing things to Do in Cairns

8  Amazing things to Do in Cairns

What to do in Cains? Or more like ‘What isn’t there to do in Cairns?’. There is more than just the Great Barrier Reef to experience here. Read on for 8 amazing things to do in Cairns…


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1   Swim at the Cairns Esplanade lagoon.

A great feature of Tropical North Queensland towns are these man-made pools by the beach.

The main beach in Cairns is more of a mud flat. So the man-made Cairns lagoon gives you crystal clear waters, beach views and life guards. The Cairns Esplanade lagoon is a cool place to laze around, read your book and meet other travelers.

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2   Visit Rusty’s Farmers Market

One of the cheapest farmer’s markets in Australia. Get there on Sundays around 2pm just before closing time when prices go down.


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3    Explore The Great Barrier Reef


Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, which stretches a whopping 2,300km long. This is one of the main reasons to visit Cairns. The Great Barrier Reef is magnificent and magical. If you like diving or snorkeling visit the Outer Reef where the best places to dive and snorkel is.


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4   Go jungle surfing at Cape Tribulation

You’ll get to zipline through the Daintree Rainforst at heights of up to 20 metres above the ground.


5    Visit Tjapukai Aboriginal Park

Located 15 minutes from Cairns, Tjapukai (pronounced with a silent T) is an aboriginal cultural site where you can learn about a 40,000 year old culture. You’ll also get to channel your inner tribesman and throw real boomerangs and spears!


6    Cairns Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are considered to have one of Australia’s best exhibitions of tropical plants, and the plant life here is very different from what you may have seen in botanic gardens at cooler climates.

7   Visit Kuranda

Just a 35 minute drive from Cairns, Kuranda is a cool hippie town that will take a day to explore. You can see rain forests, animal sanctuaries and more.


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8   Take the Kuranda Scenic Railway

The Kuranda scenic railway is a one-of-a-kind railway experience stretching through a rainforest surrounded by waterfalls, gorges and lush vegetation. The railway is the natural choice to exit Kuranda on a 328 metre high journey over the rainforest.



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